Part of BiPolar (BP), ADHD, or what?


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What condition is it when difficult child is overly sensitive, things don't happen fast enough for them and is demanding it being done their way? difficult child has always been overly sensitive if someone says something to him. He can be fooling around with someone and if that person kiddingly calls him a name, it really hurts him.

It goes the other way, too. When a neighbor was dealing with his parents divorce and facing moving out of house & only being here a couple of weekends a month, difficult child told him that he shouldn't worry about everyone forgetting about him. For a yr and a half, difficult child made sure that he knew when the boy would be here and would go get him and another neighbor and hang out at our house.

difficult child got reprimanded for talking in class one day and he felt that it wasn't fair because he felt other kids talk too, but only he gets in trouble. This teacher was one of his favorites and now he hates him. He basically was oversensitive. He took it too much to heart.

He never can wait for things to happen. If I say I'll do something, it has to be then. He's very impatient and can't see why it takes so long for things. He doesn't realize things like procedure or protocal. He can't wait that long.

He always thinks he is right and most everyone else is wrong.

What condition(s) are these behaviors a part of?


From my own experiences with my 3 kids who all have various forms of mood issues, I'd say the oversensitivity is likely related to depressive thinking. The way you describe your difficult child's oversensitivity is very much the way my difficult child 2 reacts to social situations. The need for instant gratification can be related to both anxiety and depression. My easy child has a hard time waiting for anything. She needs it now, even if the needs of the situation (like the store is closed) make it impossible.

My daughters don't have dxes of ADHD so I personally don't think these behaviors are related to ADHD.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
My daughter is the same way... I think hers is definately the BiPolar (BP), only because she was diagnosis'd with- severe combo adhd by her nuero-psychiatric, yet her psychiatrist felt it was just the BiPolar (BP) manifesting itself in a very adhd way... so I don't really know if she truly has adhd or not.

If I joke with her at the wrong time it can send her into a sobbing mess, but if you tell her no watch out if it is the wrong time as well... she is also very caring about others. She will break down crying over a sad cartoon!!!
If she thinks you are unfair- she hates you... it seems very self satisfying at times yet they can be so caring and giving, she has to stop what she is doing all day long to hug and kiss me...


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Given that this behavior crosses over a myriad of diagnosis's on this site, I would recommend you speak to the psychiatrist about this. Most likely you are seeing an extreme of sensitivity - my difficult child has it, too. It seems she wants me to prove my love to her. Quite strange actually.