Passing along info learned about drug hiding place


In our area, some new methods of concealing drugs in school have surfaced.

1) chap stick: some drugs can be applied to chapstick or hidden under the balm. Then apply "chap stick" as usual. Kids have been drugging right in the classroom. Pretty brazen.... :faint:

2) highlighters: some felt tip pens/highlighters can be disassembled. The hollow part of the highlighter is being used to conceal drugs. The cap covers snaps on, preventing the drug dogs from sniffing it out.


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Wow, The things these kids come up with are astonishing. Geeze I can think of one teen that has had drug issues in the past (?) that lives in the area that uses chap stick religiously. Hmmmmmm, I am going to pass this info onto her Mom. It could be a coincidence but with her past being known it would not surprise me if she is concealing. Thank you for sharing.


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I work in a prison and our inmates are extremely creative at finding ways to hide drugs. There's a lot of ways that most people would never think of. We've found styrofoam ice chests with pockets carved into the sides to hide the drugs, then they close the hole with another little plug of styrofoam! You can take a stick deodorant, carefully take the product out of the container and then cut off all but the top inch or so and put it back in the container, leaving just the top showing. It leaves enough space in the container to hide a lot of drugs, but still looks like a regular deodorant stick. Taking the backs off TVs, radios, and CD players and hiding drugs inside is an old trick. Or just taping them underneath a desk drawer or sink. Who looks under there! Or unscrewing the plates on the electrical sockets and hiding things in the little metal box inside there. Hiding little bags of drugs in jars or cans of instant or ground coffee is another old trick.

And these insulated thermal mugs for coffee or cold drinks? Most are made with two layers - an inner part and an outer part, with an open space between the layers. These can be taken apart, all kinds of things can be stashed in the empty space, and then put back together again.

And we recently had to stop selling the large jars of peanut butter in our commissary! They were hiding little plastic bags of drugs, and even cell phones wrapped in plastic, down inside the peanut butter! They'd scoop some out of a new jar and hide the stuff down in the middle of the jar and put more peanut butter on top. Then they heat the jar until the peanut butter softens and the top becomes smooth again. If you open it, it looks like a brand new, untouched jar of peanut butter! Pretty slick, huh!


Donna, I shouldn't be surprised, but I am! I wonder now about my son's obsession with having his OWN deoderant, when he was home, as opposed to, YUK!, having to share his dad's...


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"1) chap stick: some drugs can be applied to chapstick or hidden under the balm. Then apply "chap stick"

Which ones????