PBS Series: This Emotional Life

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    This may belong elsewhere, so feel free to move it, but it is relevant to all of us with difficult children so I started it here.

    I've been watching this series on PBS the past two nights and found it excellent and informative. The third and final installment is tonight, but I'm guessing you can find it OnDemand or elsewhere if you missed the first two. It's hit on subjects like Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), Asperger's, Depression, PTSD, as well as bullying, love relationships, fear ...and is extremely well done. Here's the link to the PBS site about it:


    **Actually, looks like you can watch the episodes online...awesome :) **
  2. I only saw last night's episode. I thought it was incredibly interesting and informative. The generation of new neurons with the use of anti depressants and ECT was incredible. Hopefully, the science of mental illness will catch up with the science of physical illnesses.