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I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. Life did get busy! I see some familiar faces still here. I hope everyone is doing well.

My update...

Kanga is doing okay. She is enrolled in college and seems motivated to do the work. She did need to fail her first class this summer before she agreed to get help from the learning center. She's still with the same guy (almost 3 years now with one short breakup in there). We only see her a couple of times per year and talk to her about once a month.

Eeyore is enrolled in college as well. He is doing well, mostly in remedial classes and getting all Bs and Cs. He did go through a rough spell when he was manipulated by a bad group of friends. He's on court supervision but it is going much better since he agreed to go back into therapy ("but no medications, mom!") He still struggles with accepting help and admitting that he has special needs. He is definitely a kid who needs to learn every lesson the hard way but he can learn.

Piglet broke my heart this year. We are still repairing our relationship. A series of bad choices, constant lying and teen attitude contributed to a very bad, expensive year -- she is on juvenile probation. So much for her easy child status...

Tigger is still Tigger. He is struggling a lot but still gives me hugs. I'm trying to get him additional supports but our state is so broke that it takes quite while to get them. And I don't have the almost $2K per month to pay out of pocket. husband still struggles with parenting him but has made progress (at least most days).

It's hard to believe that 3 of my 4 are now legal adults. I guess I need to scoot over to the PE forum.

I'm working full time now so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post but I hope to be able to check in now and again.


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You must have been here before I started, several years ago.

Welcome back!

Come join us on the PE forum when you can.


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So good to hear from you!! We were wondering where you were! You have been missed! Can't write much more because I'm on my way to Michigan. Will check back on Sunday!


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JJJ - Oh my gosh! So good to "see" you. I have often wondered how things were going with you and your fam. It sounds like things have turned out... okay. Which for us is fabulous! ;) Excellent that Kanga and Eeyore are both in college. I'm sorry to hear about Piglet, but I think the upside with all of your kids is that they are still young and a lot of changes/growth will still occur. Glad you're fighting for services for Tigger - I gave up on that fight and am just biding my time until we can get the heck outta here, LOL. Fifteen more years, I think.

Boo is healthy and happy, knock wood. I fantasize about services, but ... yeah. It's Illinois, LOL.

thank you (it will autocorrect to "thank you" but you know who I mean) got certified as an EMT (of all things) this year. Worked 2 weeks and herniated a disk (heredity bites). Had surgery in July and finally got to start PT last week, so in a month he should be ready to get back to work. He's doing exceptionally well, far better than I ever anticipated, and absolutely loves his work. He's itching to move out of state, and I'm encouraging him to spread his wings. That's what youth is for, LOL. He will be 25 in a couple of months, which is freaking him (and me) out - he feels like he should be more established, but I keep reminding him of all that he has overcome. He's turned into a truly exceptional human being and I'm incredibly proud of him.

Weeburt dropped out of college after a semester (1-1/2 years ago) and is doing nothing. husband and I are struggling with what to do with him/what his issue is. We're both just exhausted with dealing with kid issues and therefore aren't doing much at this point.

Diva is a senior. Gawdawful teen attitude, hates her home/life/family, but especially hates me. We've been having some fun. She is doing really well in school, is a leader, is actually a great kid, has it all going on outside of our home, so I think she'll be okay once she doesn't have to endure my unbearable presence on a daily basis. At this point, I'm just biting my tongue and waiting for her to go to college.

So glad to know you're still around and hanging in there. Thanks so much for checking in!

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Not true. A push for independence, yes, but not what you read here. The kids tend to hang out with kids who are like t hemselves too. I had four kids and only one got involved in drugs. One got mouthy and nasty. The other two got into no trouble at all. My youngest daughter is going to school for criminal justice and has never smoked a cigarette and has never been in trouble and her many friends are basically like her. They may have given parents a little grief, but nothing like here. Some were like her, no grief at all. She was always very popular too.

I think the ones who feel outcasted, like my older daughter, who is very shy, are more apt to be drawn to the more risktaking, rule hating kids. They are also the friendliest to outsiders. My daughter told me s he took drugs to be able to fit in with others and I believe her. She was never a mean drug user. She just did it and got arrested until she quit.

When my daughter who got into drugs was using, her friends scared me. They were all drug users, addicts, and dealers. When she quit, she had to drop those types of friends in order to quit. They don't make it easy for one of their own to go straight.


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Great to 'see' you JJJ again!

It sounds Kanga has been doing so much better than last time we heard about you and what you were afraid of. That is truly great! Sorry to hear younger ones have made their own messes, but hopefully also Piglet will grow and learn from that.


To both JJJ and slsh -- I used to read here a lot in the mid-nulls and have just recently returned. I had wondered how things worked out for your families, and I am so glad to see your updates. That Kanga and thank you have come so far makes my heart sing. You see, I always admired you both so much and wished for your devotion to your children to be rewarded. Now I see it has been, though you still have your struggles. I know I'm just a total stranger, but honestly, I will always wish you well . Thank you for all you have contributed in sharing your stories on this site.


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Hi sweetie!!!! I have so very much missed you!!!!

Used to be Stepto2, had to change my name. Gah. I'm so glad things are better with Kanga (as they are with my Belle).