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    Wow, did my life just get put into perspective. My poor coworker has been into it with her brand-new neighbors (coworker just moved into her new house a month ago) for weeks already. First, neighbors were parking a large commercial truck directly in front of her new house. And parking a large work truck half-blocking her driveway. She asked them to move these vehicles a bunch of times, then called the cops. They ticketed the guy for the commercial truck, and told him he was parking illegally with the work truck.

    That was earlier this week. She just got a call from the cops, saying the neighbor had sworn out a hit-and-run report on her for "hitting his truck this morning". Y'know, the illegally parked one, which she DID NOT HIT! It's a pure false police report to get back at her for calling the cops on HIM.

    Here's the problem---the cops said, "Hey, we weren't there, and yeah, the damage looks old, and yeah, doesn't look like it was even POSSIBLE that your little car could have hit him so far up the truck, so we're not ticketing anyone. Call your insurance companies and let them hash it out." So coworker called her insurance company---only to find out her insurance was canceled last week. Apparently that bill didn't forward from the old house, and it didn't get paid in the craziness of moving.

    My stomach twists just thinking about this---it's a false claim, but she can't just get her insurance company to come prove that, 'cause she has no insurance at the moment (will have it by tonight). She might actually have to PAY to get this JERK'S truck fixed!!!!!!!!

    Wow.....Sis is driving us nuts again (letting her grades slip, being unreasonable), but I'd take her over this situation any day!!!

    Oh, and my best friend (and roommate) had her car stolen off our street this weekend, they found it two days later. We're still waiting to hear whether they'll fix it (hopefully!!!) or give her a few grand and say "good luck, go find another car" (NOT hopefully!). Really, my life is for ONCE peaches and cream compared to what my friends are going through. It feels a little odd. :p
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    I have a lovely Pit bull looking for a home -

    I think this friend of yours had better hot foot it to Radio shack and buy a 24 hr. video surveillance camera and have it installed - this guy is going to be a LOT of trouble -

    Sorry for your friends -

    But I know exactly what you mean about for ONCE it's not ME.....OMG (i whispered that so the powers that be could NOT hear) :peaceful:


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    The video servalence camera is a very good idea.

    I have been fortunate in the neighbor dept. I've not always had good neighbors.....but I've managed them without them realizing it was me. Which kept away any backlash.

    In our last house, our first neighbors were big time drug dealers. (fun huh?) We "shared" a driveway because landlord didn't have the guts to enforce that the driveway was on her property. The sharing never happened because 24/7 there were cars in and out of the drive for 5 min drug deals. Three payphone calls later.....the couple were busted for drug dealing and I got rid of awful neighbors. :D

    Second neighbor thought she'd take possession of the drive. So......whenever she parked in the drive, I parked directly behind her and was convienently unable to answer the door when she needed to get out. Usually for an hour or more. Then it was "oh!, I'm so sorry I was in the shower must not have heard you knocking." lol A few times of that and she stopped blocking the drive and parked behind her house like she was supposed to.

    Kill 'em with kindness when you can. Find ways to avoid a backlash when you can't.

    I'm glad it's not you too.