pet foods that had been recalled- still on shelves


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I do not remember what news website I was at last nite, but I read that far too many stores have not pulled all the recalled pet foods from the shelves.
IIRC I also read that there was some concern the wheat gluten had also been sold to some human food manufacturers. (in the same article)

I have been feeding my dog homemade dog food and my kittens have now switched over to kitten chow dry, entirely.

But do keep a watch out at what is on your store shelves. The same article also discussed how slow the companies were to get the word out to the public and begin the recalls...........seems they knew something was wrong for quite awhile, and the news article also discussed how confusing the info sent out into the news was.

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I had to go out and buy pet food last nite. But I checked the ingrediants, and took my list with me. I took the list cuz if I saw some that were recalled I was going to have a royal fit on the store manager. :nonono:

I'm a bit anal when it comes to recalls not being removed from shelves.

T bought a laptop from wallie world a couple of weeks ago. He gets it home and discovers that the battery is one that has been recalled cuz when you charge it the thing explodes! Also the stupid thing wouldn't turn on. So I go with him to take it back. It took us over an HOUR to get the electronics manager and the store manager convinced that the battery was recalled! Took another 15 mins for them to get it thru their heads the d@mn thing didn't work either. UGH :grrr:


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I know it was several days after the canned Alpo recall before it was taken off the shelves of our local grocery store. I had just bought several cans but hadn't used any of them when the recall came out. I checked all the cans I had and the codes were NOT the same but I'm not using them anyway. Then, when the store did pull it, they took all of it, even if it wasn't the recalled batches. All that's left is the solid kind that's not in gravy.

I'm in to week three of feeding mine their "homemade dog food" mixed with their dry food. They LOVE it! It's hamburger and ground turkey browned and drained, canned mixed veggies and some rice - made on Sunday and divided into freezer bags for each day. In the morning I scramble them three eggs, mix in the warmed up hamburger concoction, and put it over their dry food. So far all three are happy and healthy! :grin: :grin: :grin:


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I know all 3 of my very local stores still have many recalled foods on their shelves. I was out yesterday and yup- there they still were.
Plus I do not think the media got word out in a timely manner nor were they very clear or easy to understand- my local paper did not even print it up at all, and our local TV news had very little about it, could have posed a problem for persons without internet, or with poor reading skills. :-(