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    I have to keep the water for the dogs and Bruce empty because Aubrey will play in the water. So I fill it for them several times a day and only leave water in it when Aubrey has gone to bed for the night. This is a huge pet bowl.

    That several times a day isn't always enough for Molly. She lets me know she wants water by flipping this huge water dish around the room with her foot or nose. It's quite successfl because you can't stand the racket it makes long enough to ignore her. lol She'll also do this if she thinks her supper is late.

    Bruce the cat came to us with a similar habit. If the dish is empty he starts pawing it. If we don't hear him......he eventually gives up, curls up inside the water dish, and goes to sleep. Yes, my dogs and cat drink out of the same bowl. I'm guessing by sleeping in it Bruce hopes to get first dibs the next time it's filled. lol

    Now Betsy, she's the really smart one. She lets Molly and Bruce do all the work for her, she just makes sure she's front and center when it pays off. :rofl:

    by the way Molly and Betsy have been getting along fine of late. I think Molly is feeling her age.....and then some and was cranky. They're separated to eat, and in certain situations where I know it triggers excited behavior from Betsy.......they're gated apart until Betsy has time to calm down. So far it's working.
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    That's too cute, Lisa!


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    I think my dog can tell time. He's an 88 pound mutt we got from a shelter about five years ago. Rascal knows my schedule. In the mornings, when I get my coat and keys, he knows I'm headed out the door, and that's when I give him a treat. He waits on his bed for the treat. He also gets a treat at bedtime - and I usually head to bed between 11:00-11:30 each night. These past several weeks, sometime between 11:00 - 11:30, Rascal will come find me whereever I am in the house and put his paw on my leg and look longingly at me. This is the same thing he does when he needs to "go potty outside", but lately, when I walk toward the door to let him outside, instead, he'll go sit on his bed, as if to say, "It's time for my bedtime treat." The other night, he did it at 11:01 pm. It's interesting to see just how smart some animals are - especially observing the humans.