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  1. dirobb

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    difficult child 14ss will start Partial Hospitalization on Mon.
    two fold question.
    First what to expect? He is on cloud 9 right now he heard them say the teacher is in for one hour so he is so happy (no school)
    Secondly, how is school typically handled?

    I stopped by difficult child's school to let them know he was going to be out and he was being assessed for this program. That I was going to be checking with the school district about transportation if it was not provided at the hospital. but I would know more later. It is a charter school. So she states after 3 days they automatically withdraw him.

    So, I go to the assessment. He is to start on Mon. He is supposed to bring his school work with him. so I call the principal. Ms. xxxxx to request his assignments and let her know status. shes said I have already taken him out of the system. You will have to talk to his next school. WTH???? I explained that I didn't know all the information this morning it was just the assessment. She gets miffed and states that at three days she would have to withdraw him anways. I just cannot believe it. So I get back today I don't have withdrawl papers. so I cannot enroll him in a new school. I have called the local school to work on options. This is so aggravating. I think they just wanted an opportunity to say GOOD RIDANCE.

    So technically my kiddo is out of school (i dont even know what she put on the paperwork, as to why) and not enrolled. Guess whos elated? He knows he isn't in "SCHOOL"

    On a side note he was upset this morning about going to the assessment. But came back in a good mood. Funny how thinking he will have "nothing" to do. I guess working on all his issues and intensive therapy is "nothing"

    Any ideas/input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. smallworld

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    Does this charter school receive federal funds? If so, you should get a note from one of the psychiatrists in the PHP that provides a medical excuse for the absences. I think the school would be in violation of disability laws if it dismisses your son for a medical condition.
  3. Sheila

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    How long is he to be in the hospital?

    Is the hospital within the school district?
  4. dirobb

    dirobb I am a CD addict

    They told me today 5-10 days. The school district will not enroll him. I am so frustrated. The hospital is not in the district.
    So we decided we will probably pull him and let him finish the school year before the treatment program.
    I don't know what else to do.
  5. JJJ

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    That doesn't sound right. They can't unenroll a child due to being hospitalized, including a PHP program.
  6. dirobb

    dirobb I am a CD addict

    This is what we thought too. but here I am. The previous school will let him continue. Apparently they cannot have him on the attendance if he is not there. Charter school they only recive funding if the body is there. I am frazzled. So much for trying to get him help.

    Talked to psychiatrist she wants to see him at the PHP tomorrow. He has to be back at school tomorrow. I am drained. difficult child is happy. He doesn't have a school.

    Side note: he had an accident. Asked to go to the bathroom and did not make it then they gave him some scrubs but he refused to rejoin the group. I asked if he was anxious. The therapist said he had been fine. He says he just didnt know where the bathrooms were. ??? He's 14, almost 15. It didn't cross his mind to ask / waited too long. I don't know. I found this out after I told everyone we need to wait for the year to end.

    I don't want to raise a rukus at the school. difficult child 16sd goes to school here too.
    It just does not seem right and I dont have it in me to try to make everyone see my way. If I leave him in he misses both schools testing and surely will fail. I don't think this short term program is worth that risk.
  7. Sheila

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    I believe you talked to someone that doesn't know what they are doing. Call the superintendent's office and/or your State Education Agency.
  8. Martie

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    Sorry to be late on this but this is a HUGE violation of federal law IF difficult child has an IEP. If not, this is one more example of why our kids should not go to high school without IEPs.

    Even if the IEP is lousy and not followed, it confers legal protection that gen ed students do not have.

    I do not believe that a school can disenroll a student who is ill for more than 3 days and I have heard of A LOT of abusive things done by SD, but this is right up near the top.

    Hang in there and call the superintendent and try to get some leverage. difficult child's medical Tx should not be dictated by the school calendar in my opinion.

    What would this school do about a child with a surgical absence?

  9. dirobb

    dirobb I am a CD addict

    He has no IEP. The school district did an evaluation last year in April. They said he did not qualify. His diagnosis' did not impact his education. (Lucky us he could keep it together at school and we made sure he completed his school-huge battles) Since he was not failing and was not acting out at school he fell out of parameters to meet guidelines. ????? That is why we placed him at a charter school. Classrooms are small (12 max)and more individual attention. But he is mainstream not Special Education designation, no IEP.

    Heading to the therapist now. He was discharged and following up today.