Pics of Keyana from the race

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, May 24, 2011.

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    She is soooooooo ADORABLE!! And you can SEE her excitement and that her and her brother were having the time of their lives.:bigsmile:

    I truly don't know how you're going to cope with her moving away. easy child and sister in law seriously considered moving out of state, half way across country..........and I swear it's the only time I butted into their business. Because it wasn't just their business in my opinion, but mine and Darrin's as well. I had him endlessly those first 3 yrs while easy child went to school.........we were inseparable, still are for the most part. He's very very attached to his Nana. Told her it wasn't fair of her to know that we have such a special relationship, then drag him half way across country and just expect him to "cope" when he was too young to understand. Told her he'd resent her and sister in law forever for it. Which I don't doubt as my Mom tried something similar and I never forgave her for it.......although I eventually went to live with grandma again. It really made both her and sister in law stop and think about the move more seriously.......and the whole being without family support thing too. They changed their minds. (thank god)

    Poor Aubrey is the same way with me for pretty much the same reasons, although Nichole did her parenting, she's used to always having her Nana there. And she is having problems coping without family nearby, although she's only an hour and a half away. She talks to me daily on the phone now......and I'm preparing for summer sleep overs with her to help.

    Makes my heart ache for Keyana. Sounds awful, but I'm hoping her mom changes her mind after a short time and sends her back to you guys who have done most of the parenting with her.

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    Im praying she does too and I tell you I am already having nightmares about it. The other night I had a dream/nightmare where I had 4 grandkids in my yard.... Keyana was around 12 or so, Hailie was there, Mikey and the new one was a little one with her back turned to me because I couldnt see her I could hear a race going on in the background on a TV through an open window and Keyana came to me and handed me a doll baby. She told me "Grandma, Im growing up now and I cant play with you anymore. Its time for me to go now."

    I woke up in tears.

    I know its all because its coming close to the time for her to leave.

    I did have to laugh though. Yesterday when I picked her up for dance class, the first thing she said to me when we got in the car was "this weekend, can we go to the races again Grandma, can we huh?" I laughed at her and told her that the races werent close by this weekend and that they only came to that track once a year but that I would always find a way to take her to the races as long as she would go with me. Then I just smiled from ear to ear.
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    Omg, she is just so cute! I love the one of her cheering!
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    I am so glad to see these!!! She is still the. Cutest thing ever. I am so sorry to hear they are moving. We are taking the only grandkids from Jeff's parents also. Not much choice.
    well maybe one day she will be driving one of these cars!
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    She is so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. SFR
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    She is a beautiful little girl. I too hope she doesn't have to leave.
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    Janet.. she is gorgeous. I can't believe how big she is! I love her hair! When is she moving away? Is there a chance they won't go? I hope they don't have to leave. Definately show pictures from the beauty pageant....I want to see the outfit.
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    Great pictures! Everyone looks so happy!
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    She is leaving on June 10th for MO. Her step-father is stationed there for another 2 years as a drill instructor in the army.

    Im not thrilled, Cory isnt thrilled. Linsday says they will be back in July because Jeremiah has leave so they will come back for that so that is good then they will come back for Thanksgiving and then Xmas. I hope then Spring Break/Easter too. We will have to discuss next summer. I think since she is taking her all this summer that we should get her for a good deal of next summer.

    The way the plan was before was she was going to live here for the school year while her step-father was in MO but spend holidays and summers in MO...we were okay with that but now they have changed the plans and are leaving with her in the beginning of the summer. I wish they would leave her here at least until they come back in July but no.
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    She is precious.............and who is the boy? Also cute as a button? Is that her step brother?

    She will always know she has you, even if she is gone for awhile, she will always know she is your little angel. Best type of grandma ever - I always fantasized about having that kind of grandmother - and I am happy to see when others have one.
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    Cute! Kiddo was more impressed by Joey Logano (figures, eh?)