Pity party - just need a few uplifting words


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Thanks for all of the good thoughts. I guess I'm doing as well as can be expected. I'm one of those people who just puts one foot in front of the other without thinking no matter what happens. Got my mother moved in here on Saturday. I really need difficult child 2 to help with her but he has court tomorrow so that may be the last I see of him in a few months. He is having another CAT scan on his head today. Don't know what they will find. Merry bleeping Christmas to you all.


I'm so sorry babe. *hugs*. But this year is almost over and next year just HAS to be better!


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Mutt, I'm coming in very late to this. I am so sorry you've had such a terrible year. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and hoping that next year is a much better one for you.
Many gentle hugs.


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So sorry. No doubt about it - you have had more than your chare of heartache...


Any word on the CAT scan results?