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    to bend over and place smiley kicking my behind here. If not that then this will do. :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

    Okay for the last few years I have been able to trust my son. He then breaks into a home and gets arrested blah blah blah you guys know that story.

    So why I ask you did I not check the work he did last week before turning it into the school???? 2 weeks worth even!! I just sat here like a bump on the log <u>trusting </u>that my son was doing his work like he was suppose to. How dumb can I get and still breathe!!!

    The guidance counselor told me today that most of the work he turned in had bogus goofy answers.

    At least I have mended my ways and today checked his work from yesterday and today. Which he got a few wrong and will re-do tomorrow.

    Can anyone tell I am not teacher material????

    God give me strength with him and myself.
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    :rofl: You're not dumb!!! You're just not a difficult child! Too funny that he thought that would fly... or did he?

    You have to really stretch that creativity muscle to stay ahead of (or keep up with) a difficult child. Not to worry, sounds like you're getting a good workout.

    Hang in there!
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    I've done it so don't beat yourself up (I'd have to beat myself up too if you did). I've bought the "I don't have any homework" line and the "I don't need to study for this" line way too many times. I'm trying to figure out how to get my difficult child to see that this BS isn't punishing me- they are his grades and his year to either get through or do over. Hang in there! Let me know if you hear anymore lines that I need to keep an eye out for!!
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    Well, he will certainly learn his lesson about bogus answers now, won't he?

    Don't beat yourself up! I have not been able to see difficult children work since first grade.
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    I have to sign off on difficult child 3's work before I post it back to the school, so I get that opportunity to skim through it and make sure he's not done anything silly. He still sometimes slips something past me; in a recent history worksheet, he wrote, "I hate doing this stuff!" but his teacher replied with, "For someone who hates doing this, you sure did a good job with your writing task!"

    So his teachers simply don't bite. A good thing.

    If he fails to do it properly, they ask him to do it again. He gets a phone call and often a lesson over the phone, so he can't escape.

    He's learning that it pays to get it right first time around.

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    I can't tell you the number of times I've wanted to hit myself over the head with a hammer for much the same reason. I know she is not trustworthy and yet I don't double check something and it comes back to bite me, and then I look back and KNOW I should have known better.

  7. Star*

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    I think your son's homework is his responsibility.
    The consequences for him not going it 'could' affect your space if you choose to like he gets detention and you 'think' you 'have' to take him instead of telling him to get a ride.

    I think the biggest thing I was ever wrong at was wanting to beat myself up over things I had NO control over. If my son didn't do his homework - he got detention- if he got detention he figured this automatically meant time out of my life to take him home when done.

    Truth be told if I did it and yes, I did it - I didn't teach him a thing except that if he doesn't take responsibility for his actions then my life became a cluster.

    When I stopped taking responsibility for his actions - I felt freed in a way. And currently he's learning life the hard way. Let the regrets be theirs - instead of making them yours for the sake of believing like I did that it makes my life easier if I just....*fill in the blank*

    -It does make your life easier today - but not in all his tomorrows.

    Sometimes it just blows eggs to be a parent of a difficult child.