Possible career paths for people on the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) spectrum

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    Based on trend reports, things are picking up in the Information Technology industry and they are starting to hire.

    IT is a field where people with Asperger's Syndrome can thrive. The combination of structure, analysis and creativity seems to be a good fit.

    (Having personally worked in the IT field for my entire career, I can attest to it being a great fit for Aspies -- myself and many of my co-workers.)


    This article provides a list of some of the in-demand careers within IT. If any of you have college-age children, this might be useful input for them in deciding what they might want to study and/or do for a living.

  2. Trinity,

    Thanks for the post! Our easy child, who definitely moves in and out of GFGdom recently got a great job as a software developer at an awesome company in Portland. Our fingers are crossed that this job will be a keeper. His description of his coworkers sounds like he will fit right in.... one coworker goes without shoes in the office, others sound like they are definitely on the spectrum, and the bosses direct their workers to challenge them! Simply a perfect job for him.

    difficult child is currently in his second year of work on a BS in Computer Science. He tells us that his fellow students often ask him for assistance - well as he puts it - ask him to do programs for them . One look at difficult child and you know that he is really different - the shoulder length hair with his unusual hats is one clue - and so it is encouraging that his fellow students relate to him. We're hanging on to hope, but in the meantime, husband is putting together a business to hand over to difficult child if he wants to work with it. Right now, it's just hard to imagine someone hiring difficult child...

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    Valerie, your difficult child would fit right in at my workplace, and all the other IT shops I've worked in. Lyong hair, hats and all.