Posts have helped me .........

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    As a compliment to the post asking if posts do help, I thought we can share some ways this board have helped us:

    So, posts have helped me ...............................

    Learn to detach -
    • This does not mean to stop loving or caring.
    • This means to not be drawn in to the emotions of anger, fear, guilt, hopelessness, or whatever difficult child is trying to get you to feel.
    Consider the cause -
    • Why is this behavior showing?
    • Is there a medical issue that needs to be addressed?
    • Are the current medications causing this?
    See that I am not alone -
    • I am not the only one with a difficult child.
    • I am not the the only one who knows that my child is more than difficult, he is awesome, special, cool.
    • I am not the only one who knows that a firmer hand will not help because difficult child can not help what is going on and understanding goes further than authoritian for difficult child's.
    Laugh -
    • Laughter is really the best medicine.
    • Life goes on and we do have to enjoy every good minute we can.
    See different view points -
    • We all read posts differently.
    • Many times I will get feedback on a sentence that I didn't really expect input on. Someone saw something in that sentence that looked important and that input will get me thinking about the situation in a different light.