Prayers for young man---possible pyschotic break

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Dec 2, 2011.

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    difficult child is doing so well I may have to change his name to formerGFG. He is engaged to his long time girl friend, is working at the same job he's had for 2 years, but is looking for something in an industrial setting, is paying his own bills, and is polite and respectful towards me. He is even more positive in tone and mannerisms....but this post is not about him.

    Years ago I posted about him stealing my jewelry. He had a friend pawn the jewelry because he was underage. He gave the friend a pack of cigarettes for doing the deal. I sent them both to jail :(. Last week this friend had what seems to be a psychotic break. He allegedly killed two of his pets, pointed a gun at his mother, destroyed her house, and then was found walking down the street by the cops wearing goggles, with a holster on his waist, and parts of a shot gun in his socks. He was taken to jail. As far as I know he has never been diagnosis with anything, but difficult child said that in recent months he has been different and he is concerned that he is schizophrenic as he has seen his behavior deteriorate. His father died 6 months ago and it affected him greatly. difficult child said he called his mom several weeks ago concerned about the change in his friend. He doesn't believe his behavior is drug related, although that could be a possibility given the young man's past. difficult child said as far as he knows the young man has been sober and clean for a while. Anyway, please pray that this young man gets the help he needs.
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    Oh my, sending prayers and positive thoughts. How tragic and sad.
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    Very sad. I'm glad he didn't shoot his mom! Good grief!
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    So tragic. You can count on my supportive thoughts and prayers. DDD
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    OH gosh, I pray they see his illness and get him help. That poor mom. I am sure she is heartbroken.
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    :( Praying for him and his family.
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    Oh that is so tragic. He certainly doesnt belong in our prison systems that is for sure. He wont get help there. Im sad for him and his family.
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    OMG so very very sad. Does indeed sound like a psychotic break and probable schizophrenia. Twenties are when it seems to really rear it's ugly head (symptoms are there all along just are mostly subtle) and the death of his father was likely the trigger. Poor kid.

    Prayers and good thoughts going up for him and his mom.
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    Sending positive thoughts and prayers to that young man and his family. I'm so sorry for his pain, non difficult child adults have trouble dealing with pain like this. It's so much worse for difficult child's to handle, it always makes me sad when difficult child's are struggling with mental anguish.