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I am fairly new to this forum, became a member in April and have posted a dozen or so times but mostly read and gain strength from all the wise and experienced members here. Unfortunately, when I was in the throes of detaching from a difficult child, I didn’t know about this forum. How I wish I had known! Glad to be here now.

There was a recent discussion about using ratings and I don’t think I’ve given many out, not for any particular reason though, just haven’t used them. But to my surprise, my profile said I had given out a bunch! It was kinda embarrassing, really when I looked at the ratings I had “given.” Like when someone was pouring their heart out in a very sad post and my rating said “Optimistic!” Well, I think the culprit is my touchy iPad and when I’m scrolling down to read the posts, I’m inadvertently giving out ratings. make it even more complicated, I decided to delete some of the more goofy ones that I had “given.” I’m not sure if the deletes show up in someone’s feed, like the ratings do, but just in case they do...I hope I haven’t offended anyone either by the original weird rating or the delete! I’ll try to have better control of my fingers from now on!

Carry on! Lol


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I never worry about ratings. I doubt that you have offended anyone.



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Like when someone was pouring their heart out in a very sad post and my rating said “Optimistic!”
I am chuckling here. I did the same thing. I like to give stars, and I used to post with my cell phone. Inadvertently I would push "funny" which is next to the star!

I felt horrible. But this is a place to find generosity, goodwill and acceptance. Knowing this, people are seldom hypersensitive.


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And I don't think anyone can tell if you delete a rating anyway. No worries!


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I never pay much attention to ratings. They are not important at least not to me. I doubt many people are here to get straight A's lol. Please don't worry.


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I don't pay attention to ratings on big ticket items I purchase. I certainly am not going to pay attention to one given here. So if you gave a few goofy ones due to a touchy tablet, I think we can ALL understand that. I know I have had my share of glitchy, touchy, irritable/irritating electronics! Also, we are a pretty hard lot to offend. Heaven knows many of our difficult kids spent years trying to offend us. I know my son did. Don't worry about it.


Thank you all for your kindness. I wish I had known about this place back in January when I was detaching from a difficult son. I truly felt alone and lonely, as so many of us do before coming here. The support you provide each and every newcomer is just boundless and heartwarming. You can “feel” the relief in the posts of those distraught people who have shared their most personal and heartbreaking stories. I will share mine sometime although things are manageable right now. Thank you so much for being such a warm, loving community. Many hugs... Nan