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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Aug 26, 2010.

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    You know the job interview last week with the guy who made it sound like he really wanted to hire me and said he'd contact me via phone and email with a follow up letter attached once he had time to compose it, but would touch base with me on Sat, then I STILL haven't rec'd anything from him?

    Well I just saw another ad listed online for this position. OK, the ad I responded to said "Assistant XYZ" and this ad today says "XYZ" (not assistant) so I don't know if the person he said I'd be wiorking with because she needed some help trying to get it all done just put in her notice, but still, I clearly didn't get this job. I wonder if he was waiting to hear back from previous employers of mine and they gave him a bad referral on me. I can't think of any other reason he would not contact me at all and not even respond to my email to him.

    I know previous employers are limited in what they can say but these guys know how to say things in a way that gets the point across. The thing though is that the previous job issues were unexpected time away due to difficult child/court stuff. This potential employer clearly has a difficult child and I just said I understood because I had previous problems trying to do everything my son needed but now all that was cleared up. I'd hoped if he heard anything negative, he would have at least asked me about it or let me know.

    Oh well.

    I don't know what I can do now to ever get another job if this is going to be the result of an interview. It's happened about three times now-

    I'd like to ask this guy why I didn't get the job and if he could give me some feedback on what I should do but I'm a little worried about trying to contact him again. Like I said, I sent him an email Mon afternoon or Tues morning, one and he never responded at all.
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    In this job market...who the heck knows? Maybe you were fantastic - and then the next applicant came in and he was even MORE fantastic? I mean, there are literally hundreds of applicants aplying for every little opening. Folks with advanced degrees are showing up hoping to land a job sweeping floors...

    I, too, have had some interviews where I was under the impression that I had the job....and then....nothing. I went through this just a few weeks ago. GREAT interview....really felt like we connected...she told me to keep my schedule open on such-and-such a day because they'd like to have me come in and meet the entire staff...

    Well, the day came and went...I heard nothing. Finally, I sent an email asking whether they were still considering applicants. She responded that the position was no longer available was one of the applicants turned out to be a person that had worked there years and years they'd rather hire somebody that already knew the whole business. Thanks anyway.

    My point is - you never know who else they are in contact with. It may be nothing against you in particular as much as it is somebody else who just has exactly the right thing going for them.
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    Maybe I missed a post, but have you called him to follow up? It's perfectly acceptable to call and say, "I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I'm still very interested in the position. I was wondering when you thought you would make a decision?" If he says he's decided not to hire you, it's also perfectly acceptable to ask why. If you haven't already left a message, I'd call him now.
  4. klmno

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    I sent him an email saying that earlier this week- he never responded to it and never contacted me at all like he said he would.

    Daisy, it's one thing if he chose anoother applicant over me, but he was stressing how quickly he needed to get someeone in their to help with work, acted like he wanted to hire me, never got back with me at all, and is now advertising for the position again so obviously, he never filled it. If he was concerned about something regarding me, he would have gotten back with me to discuss it I would think, unless he heard something that really blew me out of the running, right?
  5. DaisyFace

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    You never know...

    In the meantime, I think you need to move on. You'll find your right spot's only a matter of time
  6. donna723

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    I think you should call him too! At this point, you have nothing to lose and it would at least clear things up for you.
  7. klmno

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    I just rec'd today's mail- no rejection letter today either. I'm expecting a call in a few mins from someone getting ready to come and pick up a household item I'm selling, I'll call him as soon as that's over. If nothing else, it might give me another chance to speak to him and be more chipper this time and then ask if he has any pointers for me about getting back in the work force.

    Daisy, at this point moving on means going to a shelter and it's even harder to get a job in that position but yes, I have been going on with my life since I diedn't hear from this guy earlier in the week.
  8. DDD

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    Truthfully I don't know if this good or bad advice but it may be worth thinking about. If you call the man and he does not take your call perhaps you might ask to speak to the lady who also met you for approval purposes. She is evidently a trust employee of his and perhaps if you ask her to critique your presentation you might get an honest

    I think it might be helpful but on the other hand I'm not confident enough to actually suggest it...just tossing out an idea. DDD
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    I've called but had to leave a message with the lady that answered the phone. I don't think it was the young lady who sat in on the interview but I might have made a mistake about her name. This lady gave a similar name but not the name I thought he introduced her by and she didn't sound like she knew for sure who I was so I didn't ask. If he doesn't contact me back this time I will just let it go. Being a pest isn't going to get me any more answers, I don't think.

    What a bummer. This is why so many people have gotten too discouraged to even keep trying these days. You can only go thru this so many times before you feel ran over by a truck and I swear, people doing the hiring might think they are helping a person by leading them to think positive and hopeful but I don't think they are- it feels more like I've been set up to get my hopes built up just to be let down again.
  10. GoingNorth

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    What about your credit history? How does that look? Many, if not most companies out there are now pulling credit reports on prospective hires. It's considered part of the background check.

    What about your military discharge? Is it honorable or general or were you chaptered? They can pull up the discharge type but nothing else from your records. A non=honorable discharge can really hurt you in a job search if they check that.
  11. klmno

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    Discharge is great- Honorable and RE-1. I wouldn't have bothered applying for a fed job before otherwise.

    Credit got bad only last year- it was excellent before that so it depends on if they look at the whole picture on just the last year. However, I filed bankruptcy with my last money this summer after learning that government forgives bankruptcy and prefers that over late payments or default on debt, etc. So, I'm not sure how that appears on a credit report for a private company, only that when re-applying for a security clearance, bankruptcy was favorable to bad credit and I would still have a chance of getting approved. This particular job was a private company but I have also re-applied for federal governement work recently.

    Also, they can check my professional license online and see that it's in good standing and I've never had a complaint regarding competence, legal issues, etc.
  12. GoingNorth

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    Sounds to me like it could be the current credit situation then. They take recent into more consideration and you've got both the BK and the mortgage default on that.

    Glad at least the DD214 is clean, as that can really hurt you if it's anything other than Honorable or Honorable medical, they'll gig you on it big-time.
  13. klmno

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    The mortgage issue is wrapped up in the BK, and supposedly will be discharged with the rest of it. I don't think this guy cares anyway, however, his corporate people might if they are the ones to run the check- and I don't think my BK has completely discharged just yet- my attny said I'd get someting in the mail the end of Aug when it did and I don't have it yet.
  14. LittleDudesMom

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    I agree that, at this point, I wouldn't contact that potential employer again. You've emailed and called and it's clear they either changed their minds or want to see more candidates before they make a decision. As a business owner, I've always been conscious of letting people know a decision as soon as possible. Email makes it so much easier than when I was an office manager in the work force (before easy child was born) and had to call and talk to people! There is something really impersonal about email, but it certainly makes disappointing news easier to give....

    k, I'm surprised your mortgage company has allowed you to stay in the house this long - most folks I know that haven't made a payment, or even a full payment, in this amount of time have been evicted. How much longer will you be allowed to stay in the house? Once you are in a shelter or va housing, don't forget about all the cyber cafes and such around town as well as sitting in your car downtown and tapping into the mired of wireless internet accounts! You may not want to do your online banking on someone else's wireless, but you can certainly do job research and general correspondence.

    Sorry this didn't work out for you.

  15. GoingNorth

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    Plus, most coffee shops and even a lot of places like laundromats now have Wi-Fi. So do many fast-food joints.
  16. klmno

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    LDM, I let the attnys work out the house situation and have followed what my attny told me. I had a previous thread about the house situation and then people asked why I wasn't looking more for a job. LOL! Now that I have a laptop and wifi capability, it's not the opportunity to look for a job that I'm concerned about- it's actually getting a job that appears to be the problem.