puppy anyone ???



Oh, my. difficult child had been begging for a puppy (HIS own). six year old lab, overweight, thought well maybe this would livin her up a bit.
Last weekend picked out an adorable lab/springer mix.

This past week has been a disaster!!! My older lab was laid back, didn't chew on things, listened. Was house trained so easily.
We have put up gates to confine to kitchen when we are not home, the little devil has gotten through, around or over every type of gate we put up. Will NOT go outside unless you go out with her...then you are standing outside at 2 in the morning chasing this little pup around because it is eating rocks and sticks and anything on the ground. After an hour outside you go in and it runs to the carpet and pee's. If you leave it outside she cries and brks at the door non-stop. She sleeps through the night in our room near older dog (who by the way wants nothing to do with a pup). But, sometimes during the night we take it out, and then go back to bed and in the morning the little angel has left a nice pile of pooh in the living room.
We can't even put her in a room and be out of site, or the whining and crying and barking starts. So much so that she throws up.
I find shoes all over the house, one at a time. Anything that has been put away in closets or under beds have now been rediscovered. I was in no way prepared for this. Only pet I ever had is my 6 yr old lab who is and always has been very laid back and obedient.


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get a crate! Every puppy I sell, I always ask that the new owners crate train. It is so much easier on pets and owners. On the outside thing, try feeding outside and when you are outside, if Chloe does go potty, praise her and give her a little treat right there. Also, no food or water after a certain time at night. But, dont let her out of the crate unless to go potty or play outside. I know it sounds cruel and a lot of work, but she's not getting any better. As for the crate, yes she will whine, but just like a child, she WILL get used to it and it will become her bed. Remember when you put her in the crate, give a treat, and some puppy toys to keep her company.

Good Luck


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another thought, when you do take her out of the crate and outside to potty, put her on a leash and halter. Then take her to the place in the yard where you want her to go. You can even say a "magic word" ok, don't laugh cause it works, :smile:

Our word was "hurry" (potty trained a puppy during a tropical storm one time). Take the puppy to the designated area and say the "word" several times. Especially say it when you know they are going to potty. Then when finished give treat, praise whatever. We just look at the dog now and say, "need to go hurry? and the dog runs to the door. I've used this to train at least 5 dogs and it works.

Good luck!


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I agree with momof4 - get a crate. Puppies, especially appreciate the feeling of their "den". I used crates with all my dogs.

Donna, the word that gets Sally out the door quickly is squirrel. If we're in a hurry it's "Sally, get the squirrel". She runs out the back door & jumps up the tree in the middle of our back yard.

Good luck with the training momof4. This is a matter of patience. Could this be the wrong time, with all that is happening in your home, to bring in a puppy? Just a thought - take it for what it is.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Yep, crate is the way to go....we use the magic words "do your stuff". I always said the dog never got trained it was the human who was trained to observe the dog constantly and when you couldn't, in the crate he goes. Our dog is almost too big to go in his crate, but it is his den and he has never refused to go in his crate. We now have the most orderly dog we have ever had. He doesn't chew on things and he knows what rooms he is allowed in and does not get on the furniture. He is a large dog and is seven years old so I fear the day his health declines as I will miss him terribly. He is my safety when husband goes out of town and a great companion since my kids have left home.

Good luck with puppy training....</span>

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A puppy crate is necessary. I used to think they were harsh til I started using them. They are a Godsend! Anytime I couldn't watch the pup it went into the crate. Drastically cut down on puppy hassles.

If you can't stand the crying in the crate you can place a sheet over it so pup can't see out. We used to have birds when I was little and do this so they could sleep. Happens to work for dogs too. lol

You've also picked a pretty active breed mix. (springer spaniel) difficult child ought to be able to teach it to play with a ball in the yard, which is a good wear out activity. And should do walks to burn off some of the extra energy.

Anytime I have a pup in the house they also get naptimes. This is to give me a break, and it's good for them to get rest breaks. This depends on age. But be careful not to make one too late in the afternoon. Mine also get bedtimes. lmao Our pup Betsy will be a year old in about a week. She still goes to bed at 8pm sharp.


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Every dog I've ever had has responded to that one magic word ... "Outside?" Once they're out there and more interested in playing around than getting down to business, I tell them to "Pick a spot!" and usually they do. They all try to put it off as long as they can though, because they know that once they do (doo?), they go back inside! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif

I started crate training my second Boston, Ragan, when she was a small puppy. She got in to so much mischief while I was at work ... I was always mad at her and she was always in trouble. Once she was crate trained, we were both a lot happier! I didn't have to worry any more about what mess I'd find when I came home, and she wasn't in trouble any more! Not that it was easy! I made the mistake of getting her a small crate when she was little, then had to buy her a bigger one as she grew, and crates are not cheap! And in the smaller crate, she figured out that if she flung her body against the sides of the crate hard enough, she could roll it all over the house! Fun, huh?!? When I left for work, I'd leave her in the living room in her crate with nice, neat bowls of food and water. I'd come home and find her three rooms away, in the kitchen, the crate on it's side, and a big trail of soggy, mashed up puppy food through all three rooms!

My third Boston, Katy, was two when I got her and already crate trained. She LOVES her crate. We refer to it as "Katy's room". She has a big, fluffy towel in there to sleep on and feels very secure when she's in there. She hides her favorite toys in there so the other two don't get them, and she crawls in during the day sometimes to nap, when she's in the mood. It's her little sanctuary.


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Congrats on the puppy.

I agree with-everyone here. You have got to protect your personal property and your sanity.

The puppy will learn but it takes time. :eek:

I remember the first time my first dog actually "went" on cue. It had taken me 2 mo's through rain, snow, sleet and hail, as the expression goes. I thought I'd go insane. When it finally happened, I was SO excited, I yelled at the top of my lungs, "GOOD POOPIES!!!" :laugh:

I lived in an apt complex and a bunch of people came and looked out the window. Pretty embarrassing. But I was still the proud mom. :blush:


Neighbor has a crate for me. Don't think husband will agree. but I am the one that comes home to the mess. pup is alone for 4 hours three days a week.
Will try.


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hey timerlady - not me that has new puppy! KJS, you will love the crate. I am puppy sitting one of last year pups (Cole is 6 months old) and he is in my room right now passed out in his crate. I had to take it down yesterday for a bit and he was looking for it. It was sooo cute! I have 2 full blooded labs that I breed and before the pups leave they all know the "go potty" command. So, it will take time, but the rewards will be endless! Good luck and have fun!

P.S. If hubby doesnt like the crate, let him clean up the puppy poo. Worked for my son when he got his puppy. He had to clean her one mess and he was ok with having her in the crate after that!


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Kj, puppy will whine when you put her in the crate. When she whines, you rap the top and say, "NO!"
You can put her in by throwing in a treat and she will go after it. (Is it a "he"?) You shut and lock the door and say, "Good puppy." Do it for a short time and then open it. Extend the time every time you do it.
You can also throw in toys and treats and leave the door open so she knows it's a safe place to go. My dogs love their kennel and go there to hide when things get too wild in the house.

Lots of repetition but it works. It's worth it in the end.


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yep.....crate, crate, crate. Dogs like being holed up in little caves. I don't crate my dog anymore, except when little kids come over. As soon as I pull her crate out, she goes nuts. She loves it. You can crate her in your room at night, next to your bed, so she's quiet. As the time goes on, move the crate further away from you, until she's out in the hall and then in the room you want her in at night. During the day, if you are home, keep in crated in the room you are in. You can put her on a leash and clip the leash to your pants. If she is chewing something, give her a slight tug and say no! Give her a treat in the cage and praise her a lot.


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I didn't use a crate but I did give my dog a treat every time she went "outside." We did use a gate and cooped her up in our kitchen when she was left alone. She got to the point where she would run into the kitchen every time we picked up the gate.

The only problem with the treat idea is that at 10 years old she still expects her treat every time she goes "outside."

Oh well, it worked. :rofl:

Good luck with your pup.