putting emoticons in posts


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When I was first here I could add emoticons to my replies and posts. I can't seem to do that anymore and I can't figure out what I turned off or clicked my mistake to cause this..... ANYONE?????



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You can't add them in the "quick reply", you have to hit REPLY in the last message of post to get them to show up.


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You have to hit reply and then click on the smiley face right above the area you type in. It will bring up all the emoticon options. Just click one and it will show up.


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Well you can use Quick Reply but then you have go back and edit... and the option will be there to add the emoticons... which is what I always do because I never seem to remeber to just hit the reply button like right now!!! :thumb:
In Quick Reply you can type the emoticon's code, which is its name between two colons :name:, if you know it. If not you'll have to click on Reply or edit your Quick Reply as noted above.

(You can learn the names by rolling your mouse over the emoticons in other posts or in the menu when you are in Reply mode or editing a Quick Reply.)

The name of the emoticon in totoro's post is thumbsup which I got by hovering my mouse over the emoticon. So now I type colon-thumbsup-colon :thumb: and there he is.