Q explains why he is laughing so hard......

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Q had a rough day at school.... got home anxious and life was full of battles until dinner (so about two hours) but nothing serious, just a bunch of upsets. I honestly think a couple of things at school ... well lets say I think they forget how delayed and impaired he is. So, I was thrilled to hear him so happy a few minutes ago....

    Q is watching the NHL draft... they were playing a silly game and one of the guys switched teams and everyone was laughing and I hear Quin laughing his head off...

    So I spy on him and he is just watching and really laughing hard. He sees me and is all excited telling me about the switch... and they were silly he said.

    So, then he comes to me and says, mom sorry I was laughing. I said, why be sorry about that it sounds fun. HE said OK thanks. then he said something like I just had to laugh because part of it I really didn't understand and I felt kind of embarassed but it was nothing inappropriate or anything but it just made me laugh.

    I said well, why was it embarassing if it was just silly? He said, I dont know. It is just what my brain said I had to feel like. you know, it IS injured.

    :hammer: I think mine is too.
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    LOL....confusing logic.....but soooooooo Q!!
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    This is so typical! He sounds like a great kid!
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    He is such a neat kid. I know his brain is injured, but I still like how it works! No so much the embarrassed part, but how he expressed it was awesome!

    When you get past the blurts and irrelevancies, he has a great way of expressing things to you. in my opinion a big part of that is because he feels so secure and loved by you, and knows he can just be Q with you, no matter what.
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    OH thanks, I sure hope so. I imagine people who see us out of the home must think he really hates me... he takes all his stress out on me, hitting, blurting names etc. But when I can just keep things peaceful for him, yes... it is true, he does open up and ask things.

    Tonight he told me that sometimes he just can't help it what comes out of him, he just has to say things sometimes when he is so mad. then when he got all frustrated that a channel was locked and I said I would unlock it, I clicked on the wrong one... and I tried to back out and fix it but he flew off the handle. I just sest the remote down and didn't unlock it and went in teh kitchen to do some work. He came in and told me to fix it. I said I was trying to. He said well I had to yell at you, you were doing it wrong and it frustrated me so much. I said but I WAS fixing it...I didn't say NO so you need to see my thinking bubble too. He said, NOW I do because you told me. I said, well that would be a good thing to work on. Sometimes you do things that only help what is in YOUR thinking bubble but other people have thinking bubbles too.

    He was looking at me like... you are sh***ing me.... LOL

    Really, if you start to wonder about what is in other peoples thinking bubbles, then you can wait and watch and ask before you get so upset.

    He said, OK I get it, you had your thought too.... I just wanted my thought to be taken care of. OH LORDY
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    Oh LORDY is right, lol.

    Isn't it interesting when you realize they they truly do not understand that others have thoughts too? That what they know/think isn't what is in everyone else's mind too? I can still remember how figuring that out blew Wiz mind. I love that Q started to understand it then. It will take a LONG time for him to fully "get" it, but he will.

    Isn't it funny how if we were to treat our kids based on what other people see them do, things would be so much worse? Sometimes a video of their behavior can really open their eyes and help them see their actions from other's points of view. Just a thought.
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    Funny you say that... I know he would stop talking if I turned the video on but I was trying to click it on beside me just to get the audio because he really went on and on for a while... it was very interesting. Also talking about what happened in the cafeteria today...

    they changed the rules for what they can take, they won a national award for nutrition and now have a project....

    So, he went thru the line too fast and grabbed two from a category... well he A. does poorly wiht directions b. does not categorize well and c. is eating tons of food grabbing whatever anyway...... and d. does not do well with change

    they say they prepped him???? what that means if he did not actually go thru the line???

    So the lunch ladies are upset with him. he took jello and fruit... I guess they got one or the other. (fruit in jello)

    he was showing me even with his hands and said he put it back etc...

    I just get frustrated that he gets in trouble for such obvious things that he can't really figure out himself.

    they said, well he should have waited for the ed. aide but he ran away....

    guess why???

    MOM, only babies need someone to walk through a lunch line with them.

    they really need to respect his feelings.
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    Wow. That sounds like something our SD would do!!! UGH!!!
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    Buddy, Q is such an amazing kid!! I am just picturing him looking at you when you are explaining the thought bubbles. That look of amazement and confusion. And I get where he is coming from going through the lunch line. How frustrating it would be for a "typical" kid to remember all of the rules. And really, I find it totally ridiculous that kids get punished for taking fruit and jello. And, I am sorry tossing some fruit in jello does not equal a piece of fruit.
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    difficult child 1 does stuff like this and it actually tickles me lol
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    Touching. DDD