Q had another pretty good week

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    at school. Not too bad at home either though we had a couple of days that were not so fun, sigh.
    There were two days he had a sub and he did really super which is new and just yesterday they said several kids on their floor were having huge issues but he held it together through it all.

    I can't remember where I left off but I forwarded the email I knew was a lie (saying the second school tour was cancelled because they don't serve kids his age ) but our new in home coordinator actually worked at that school last year and said thats a flat out lie. I knew anyway because of Q's classmate being placed there. (They told their district it was because there were more vocational opportunities there, but told his guardian it was because of the new moms and babies program-- that they would be unsafe ....problem is the building was made for kids with severe behavior challenges so whoever thought to put babies /toddlers in the middle of.the.school?)
    Anyway, the part I want to hope about is that she said they wanted to try it at the new school still. I don't know if I trust that but I want to. The law advocate sent out a letter last week saying we wanted the independent evaluation. And we haven't heard yet.

    Maybe its made them step up a little. ...maybe anything we've said did affect them?

    In the mean time I met with the home psychiatric and will start next week deciding who is going to be asked to be part of the project for q.

    The law advocate attended a big ARC conference and just happened to sit next to one of the project designers. I.think she too didn't realize from what I said how big of a project this is. She wants to be on board too because the model could impact many of her clients in the future. The man she met said they were excited to have q be a part. Only two people are home based clients. Now we need to hope the school will look at the extra support as a blessing not a threat and agree to.coordinate efforts. It genuinely could benefit them to be in on the ground floor and to help shape how things go. They need to have other districts contract with them for services so to be even more marketable seems like a good opportunity and its all free expert technical assistance.

    Really hoping it works out but as I said to a few friends, it is also a little intimidating. Have to say goodbye to even more privacy and be open to change. But it seems the data and info and connections along with the help working on developing skills is far to important an opportunity to miss out on. I.hope it goes as they expect.
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    It's amazing how fluid you have to be for Q's sake. Really...it's impossible to imagine how difficult children without WM's even get thru any program. Sad to say that many are out of the system where we live far before they should be. My admiration continues as you fight for the best interests of your child. DDD
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    That was so nice. Thank you. I'm afraid I haven't been that generous toward myself lately.
  4. Oh Buddy - you should be super gracious towards yourself! You are an amazing mother and a total inspiration to me. Your patience and grace astound me!

    I'm very happy that you've had such a great couple of weeks.
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    Thank you ....that's really nice. :)