QEEG articles... what is it and what can it tell us?



Thought I'd share this since I did some research last night. And this doesn't really cover much so if anyone has anything to add please do.

Oh, and don't overlook the benefits of it in neurofeedback, it works really well.

Here's an article with the basics:

to show you that they're doing it in children and an overview of the actually procedure


Here's NYU saying that QEEG
"As an adjunct to the clinical evaluation, a neurometric QEEG has direct implications for optimizing treatment of neuropsychiatric and cognitive disorders, and prediction of the evolution of disorders, such as dementia). "


Bottom line in my humble opinion, if you've done everything else and still no diagnosis or idea what's going on with your difficult child, this can't hurt and might really help.


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my son had an rEEg. It told us what medications he is sensitive to, unfortunately these are medications that he is sensitive to in a bad way and cannot take. It shows the areas of the brain where there is dysfunction, and the degree of the dysfunction. If difficult child was able to pay attention and follow directions, we would do neurofeedback, but it is my understanding they have to do that.