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  1. susiestar

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    I have been frustrated by purses for a long time now. I just cannot find one that holds everything and keeps it somewhat organized. They either don't hold what I need or they turn into a black hole that feeds the dryer monster.

    What is the most useful feature of a purse for you? What types of pockets, pouches, hooks, whatever do you find helpful? What do you find least helpful? What would your perfect purse have and where on the purse would it be located (inside, outside, on the strap, near the top, whatever)?

    being me, I am of course working on making my own purse that would have what I want where I want it. I will have an outside pocket for my cell phone because that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I HATE fishing around for the dang thing!

  2. tiredmommy

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    Good, solid shoulder straps so I can carry on my shoulder are a must. Not too big or it will bother my neck/back because I have a bad habit of filling my purse. I like as few compartments as possible because I prefer to place most things in smaller cosmetic bags within my larger purse. This way I always know which bag has each item because it doesn't change when I swap out purses.
  3. DammitJanet

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    People swap purses? Heavens, I must learn to be more girly!
  4. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Clearly defined inside smallish pockets for the things that I grab out of the purse regularly. One that fits my cellphone, one that fits a few tubes of lip stuff, a side pocket for gum. I also use a carabiner keychain on the strap, or if I want to keep the strap from too much rubbing a two piece pull apart key chain that I can easily hook my keys onto every time I get out of my car. I know exactly where my keys are when I'm ready to go.

  5. Mattsmom277

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    A couple of years back I found my version of a "perfect purse". I've been babying it as to not wear it out since I've not seen one as perfect for my needs since. It's black, so goes with everything. Has a double strap that I like as it balances on my shoulder better I find and distributes the weight better to my shoulder allievating strain that would hurt my back etc. It has a zippered center section which is roomy and deep but open enough to not have to dig deep. I keep my big wallet in there with cash, ID etc And I put other things that I need with me but don't need often (envelopes with bills, envelope with coupons which I keep a different color so it's easy to find when I want coupons). There are two outside pockets. Actually more than pockets, the purse itself is divided into thirds, all sections equal in size. The two outer "pockets" have magnetic close fasteners so they automatically close up for me when I take my hand out, making it impossible for me to forget to zip or fasten a clasp and end up losing anything or spilling. One side holds my small make up bag with a few items in it, a brush, hygiene items in another mini bag etc. The other side holds my cigs and lighter since I smoke, and related items (for me they are related lol) like gum, losenges, breath strips, finger strip disposable "tooth brushes" by Oral B etc. There additionally is a small section attached that holds a cell phone although right now I don't bother with one so it remains empty but its a great feature to have when you do have one.

    I hope this purse never bites the dust unless I can find a similar one somewhere. Thankfully it is good quality leather so I'm hoping it holds up to age so long as I care for it well.

    Edited to add, I often use the cell phone holder as a digital camera holder when I'm going out and figure I'll be wanting my camera. It fits perfectly.
  6. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    The best one I ever had - actually, had two of them before I couldn't find it any more - was a lot like the one mattsmom describes... except, even more pockets.
    Big benefits...
    Shoulder straps were not overly long - the whole thing tucked up under your arm real nice, so the weight wasn't hanging from the shoulder. Definitely a double-strap.
    Again, it was the "three-compartment" thing - in this case two were zipper, and one magnetic - all three of equal size.
    And then... between the major compartments, there were two smaller pockets, accessible from the inside of the outside compartments (Know what I mean??) - these were built into the dividers between the compartments. These little pockets were great for... that stash of "emergency money", other emergency supplies (I simply HAVE to carry band-aids!), a small comb, a pen and notepad, etc. - the stuff that tends to either get destroyed by the big stuff in your purse, or that is impossible to find when you need it.
    The three majors were used for...
    - middle one for ID, wallet, etc.
    - one outside one for keys (yes, I carry that many... lets see... its either 7 or 8 rings of keys)
    - the other outside one for... cell, and any other trip-specific stuff (camera, voice-recorder, sunscreen, etc.)

    And then, to top it all off, it had an outside kangaroo pouch - with a magnetic closure. Great place to stash "need in the next two minutes stuff"... the bills you're going to pay at the bank, for example, or the rx you just picked up.

    If you happen to re-design this one, out of leather, and want to put it on the market... let me know!
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  7. susiestar

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    Do those of you with kids find that you end up carrying packets of ketchup, etc... in your purse? That is one of my problems. I don't mind taking them with us if a few extra packets come with a meal, but often it ends up being a big mess because something punctures it or smooshes it open. Drives me nuts. So one thing this will have is a pouch made of fabric with plastic on one side that will fit a few packets of ketchup, honey, etc.... I started carrying these things as the various food issues became a big deal. I know a lot of moms around here who keep them in their purses and we all hate not having a pocket for them. This pouch will be waterproof and machine washable, plus will likely snap or clip onto the side.

    I am thinking about a center divider that is fairly rigid, cloth covered plastic most likely (a pocket that a piece of thin somewhat flexible plastic will slide into so that it is the color/fabric I want). It will have at least one side that is strips of elastic to tuck things into. I am toying iwth the idea of velcro on the other side so I don't need as many pockets. I can just get the sticky velcro dots and stick them on it.

    Thanks for the ideas. Keep them coming.
  8. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    I like wide, but shorter strapped purses that fit just under my arm for over the shoulder carrying. I like at least three compartments, one major for wallet, keys, brush, and two outside compartments-one for papers and pens and the other for medications, lip balm, etc. I like a midsize inside pocket that zips for pads, tampons and, if I'm smoking that week, a place to hide the butts. I like a small side pocket, it's usually a cell pocket but I use it for those small hand sanitizer bottles.and I like neutral colors that go with almost everything, such as black, tan, cream, or dark dark brown. I hate orange brown or bright colors. However, I do have some colored purses such as burgundy, silver, gold.
  9. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Susie, you know those smaller plastic bags at the grocery or pharmacy? Keep one of those in your purse for the ketchup packets and whatnot, or a ziplock bag.
  10. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Three pockets, center one zippered, for wallet/checkbook. Cell phone pocket inside. Strap long enough to go over the shoulder but not so long as to make the purse bounce off my hip (they're either too short or too long for my short little self). Cute on the outside...I'm currently carrying a Dooney & Bourke Scottie bag. Gotta love layaway at TJMaxx! If I like the purse, I don't care if it doesn't match what I'm wearing.

    Now, if someone made a purse with pictures of Jack Russells on it...
  11. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    I like one with a wide, but adjustable, strap - I used to wear it longer, but when I was getting the progesterone injections it would bounce off the rear and...well.

    I got a holster for my cell phone. I got tired of these teensy little pockets that never fit the phone I had at the time. Plus, I'd knock it around. So that part I can forget about.

    I need something wide enough for my wallet, but reasonably shallow - I hate digging. I do have a very small cosmetics bag in there too - it has lip balm, a couple lip glosses, benadryl, and dental floss. Inside zipper pocket for Tampax, and somewhere to keep my Kleenex. That's it...
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    One strap -------from shoulder to the top of my hip----no longer. COnvenient for ME. Not a taller person, not a shorter person. I will cut, sew amend this for MY convenience.
    Two straps too much gets in the way. Bothersome, annoying on my "sensitivity" days and can set me off believe it or not. I do have 2 strappers but my good old - is a one strap.

    LIGHT LINING - NOT dark - is a must. I can and have ripped out the lining and replaced it with my own user-friendly material and pockets which reminds me - why don't I just make a line of purses? I've seen the LIGHTS for purses - do they ever last?

    Sercurity System?
    Noooo. I've also seen the ALARMS for purses....I used a mouse trap. (no I'm not kidding) You have a man reach in your purse with a dinky woooo woooo woo and he's like PFT - but you have a man reach in your purse and get WHACK with a 5" wooden spring RAT trap? WAY less likely to come to you and say "THE REASON I WAS IN YOUR PURSE." - he's just too outwhitted to admit he was outwhitted, he's also nursing aching knuckles - trust me - it hurts twice as bad when you aren't expecting it.

    ZIPPER TOP - Roll your car in an accident ONE TIME? Then tell me you don't think to zip your purse and want a zipperd outside pocket too. I learned my lesson. took ONE time. I've been in NINE auto crashes - NONE of them were MY fault and everytime people rush to the accident? The first thing they do is look for your purse to find your ID. Especially if you are trapped and need cut out of it. Whether they are honest or not is another thing - But my sister recently took a few rolls and her junk was ALL OVER THE FREEWAY -4 lanes - credit cards....ID, change.lip gloss, comb, brush....did she ever once listen to me? Noooo. Case and point. Not to mention keeping a clean car so junk doesn't fly up and hit you in the head......NEVER. Oh well. This is what internal cargo straps are for. Tch tch tch. -YUP ZIPPERS. A MUST.

    As far as bottom?
    OH SO IMPORTANT......I WANT A FLAT bottom....Not on me personally......hahah. Ahem...I mean my purse. I like a rectangular bottom, sturdy, so that when I put THINGs there? They STAY there....not a saggy bottom, that droops and rearranges itself (wait a minute......that's not much different it?) hmmmmm.....Okay so a FIRM bottom. Purse and person.

    NO FLAPS......OMG I hate HATE flaps. I hate to even see a woman with flaps on her purse. I want to scream - WHAT IS THE POINT? First you have to set it down, then you have to move your strap or straps, then you hvae to either unsnap or unbuckle it, then you have to roll it over, then you have to unzip or move something. TO many bloody steps. I like simplicity with (keeps it in there) open see where it is. And zip also keeps it private. I like privacy. Open without zip.....? NO PRIVACY - it's like - LOOK AT WHAT I thank you. Maybe that's why you need a flap? Not pondering that today. But still.....I say to each his own. I'm just crabby today. Crabby over purses. I need a midol. BRB.

    Okay as per the woman creedo - I fed the dog, watered the plants, stripped the beds, folded a load of wash, put one in.....wrote a note to the mail lady, made a cuppa....wondered why I wandered away from my note - tooka I am much got cold, fixed that - talked to DF.....fixed the dogs foot, took another load to the wash.....warmed up the coffee again. Sheesh no wonder I am crabby no ME time.

    OH and by the way if you like vintage bags - PLEASE let me know - I have scads......I have been trying to get them up on EBAY - but as per my above statement I never have time to get anything done. lol. I have a couple vintage Dooney and Bourkes of zippers. No Jack Russels.

    I have too many pocket books. (looking for the right one ) currently I'm carrying the WRONG one) lol. It has a saggy bottom.
  13. PatriotsGirl

    PatriotsGirl Guest

    I love the connect thingy inside to clip your keys to - digging for keys is one of my pet peeves.....
  14. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    When I worked at Target I got into the habit of wearing my keys on a cheap aluminum carabiner, on my belt loop.

    This stood me in good stead when Onyxx was in the house, because it was a habit.

    Now, if I don't have belt loops? I clip it to the zipper pull on my purse... Which isn't dinky. I add my own.
  15. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    I collect vintage purses - the smaller variety of the 30's through 60's, mostly clutches. I love when I find one that still has the little mirror in the inside pocket and when all the jewels on the clasp are intact - very exciting! I was overjoyed when I was able to see my girls use them for formals and proms!!!
  16. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I just recently bought my first non-Walmart purse since my parents bought me an Etienne back in high school. Now I have always carried purses that have been simple and practical. I've never had more than one at a time because I wasnt going for fashion but use.

    I like one that has a strap that is able to go over my shoulder easily but that is something that my new one is just a tad bit too short on but Im getting more used to. This new one is multi-colored flowered fabric with brown leather trim and strap. It also has this front pocket and two side pockets. The front pocket holds a small wallet that came with it that is brown leather. It has three sections in the main purse. The middle one is zippered and is larger than the two other ones. The two other ones are snapped but they are also magnetized. This purse really doesnt look like something I would choose. The purse I had before was a big pink denim purse and the one before that was a dark olive green color that was fairly small. Both those purses cost about 10 bucks a piece. My new purse cost me almost 50 bucks. I almost choked when I paid for it...Tony looked at me like I had two
  17. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I'm not into switching purses and only have two. One is every day and the other is "dress up". I feel totally ignorant when people talk purses by brand name. Even easy child/difficult child "knows" the "in" brand names from hanging out with the females. I wouldn't know one from the other. It either looks nice or doesn't look nice to me, lol. When I do buy a new purse I choose one from the department store when they are having a sale. I can't believe how many hundreds people spend on them. Some I have gotten on sale had retail prices of over two hundred but I chose them because they looked decent, were well made, and marked down 60 percent or more. All of them have one or two outside pockets and an inside zip porcket. A few years ago I "weeded out" my wallet and stored the extra credit cards etc. at home so there is alot more space than before. DDD
  18. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    :rofl: :rofl:

    You all are funny. Truly.

    For me? A purse is a distraction for anyone out to steal my money. Might be good for holding a bottle of water, hairbrush and a few other things to fill it up. My cash is never in it, neither is anything likely to be of use to someone who has a mind of stealing it. I was such a Tom Boy that I've yet to like carrying around a purse. I force myself, because like I said, it's mainly a distraction. I was truly happy with the one I had before Darrin bought me the one I have now. It was basically a huge cloth bag, that's it. I could just drop what I wanted into it. lol
  19. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hound...I was like that before I had to carry kotex with me...but then I needed them badly!

    Now my problem is that I tend to overload my purse. I dump everything into it as I go. Every receipt I get is shoved into the darned thing. My Ereader is in it most of the time. My cell phone is supposed to be in the side pocket but half the time I just toss it in and cant find it when it rings. My camera is in a case in there somewhere. My hair brush is in there. I dont use lipstick but I have two things of Keyana's flavored lip balm. Several empty cigarette packs are in there. Change of course. There is a zippered pocket on the inside that I have some Supposed to hold tampons I think. On the outside I also have a zippered pocket that is flat and I have several pictures of the kids. At different times, there are also other things. Oh...I also at all times have at least three bottles of pills. One is an emergency bottle of my morphine so should I be stranded anywhere I wont be without that. Another is a bottle of phenergan for nausea and another is a bottle with two days supply of topamax and lamictal. Just in case. I can do without everything else but we have to be able to live.
  20. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Star...can you tell me more about those Dooneys? :flirtysmile3: