Question to those who found a 2nd Partner in Crime

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  1. nvts

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    Just difficult child's are all over me to meet them a new dad (you've gotta love how they phrase stuff!). Where did you guys meet people that accepted you and your difficult child's? Mind you, I have no interest in adding to my gigantic laundry pile (which I consider my old ah!).

    I think it would be fun to hear about how you met the "person of your dreams":gifts: rather than sticking with the "nightmare that once was".:frenkenstein:

    Come on Ladies...Give!

  2. HaoZi

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    Met my current boyfriend online. Most likely place to find someone with at least a few common interests. I do suggest Google and background check kind of stuff before getting too friendly, but if it goes south at least you won't run into them at the grocery store.
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    My story is pretty not typical so might not be helpful lol. It was New Year's eve and I lived on the military base. I went to the mess for their new years eve party. I was introduced to my S/O by his sister who was someone I knew from seeing around the base (he was visiting for holidays). Quick hi, that was about it. At midnight I went outside for a smoke to avoid the countdown, kissing etc. When it settled a bit I went back in. S/O was standing alone, looking out of place as he knew nobody, while everyone was still mingling around and giving hugs and whatnot. I happened to pass him on the way back to my group and he looked really awkward and weirded out. I have no clue what got into me, I'm not a forward type. I stopped, told him he looked like I felt, out of place. And that he just needed a new years kiss to fit in. Then I planted a quick one, right on his lips too!!!! I wasn't trying to make out with him or anything lol. We both laughed and I walked away.
    4-5 times I found myself outside for a smoke and out he'd come too. (quite obvious hahaha) I was going to leave at one point as weather was horrid, icy, and had to walk across base in heels to go home. His sister found me and offered me a ride so I could stay longer. When she was leaving she came to get me and drove me home. I invited them all (S/O, his sister and his brother in law) in for a drink and they stayed until the sun was up. The next day his sister invited me to dinner (We'd never been social even living on base together). We were inseperable for weeks. He ended up not going back to his job 6 hours away, gave up everything and moved here. We celebrate 6 years this new years eve. We plan to get married next year on Christmas eve so both "eve's" will be our anniversaries, seeing as I love the holidays.

    I shocked myself that night, being so forward. But gosh I'm glad I was. He was too painfully shy to approach me.
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    mm277- that is a beautiful story!

    nvts- I have no answer to your question. I haven't found mine. LOL!
  5. trinityroyal

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    Here's my story...

    When I was a little girl I was one of the youngest children in the neighbourhood, and many of the kids were MUCH older than I was. They were very patient with me, and didn't treat me like a pest. There was one boy who used to ride his motorcycle past my house all the time. I had SUCH a crush on him, and thought he was the handsomest boy ever. I used to stand in my front yard and wave and blow kisses to him whenever he rode by. As I grew older, I often wondered what happened to that beautiful boy on the motorcycle.

    Many years later, I was working on a huge and very busy project for a client and my boss had excused me from all team meetings and other activities so that I could focus on a backlog of work I had to get done. Except one morning -- my boss summoned me and insisted that I attend a day-long team meering. I was a bit late, and was looking around the boardroom for a seat. There was a man who had just joined the team that morning, sitting on one side of the table. Although there were lots of spaces elsewhere in the room, it was as though a magnet was pulling me to sit in the open chair next to him. He had the kindest most beautiful blue eyes, and lovely sandy brown hair. Just like the boy I used to blow kisses to, as he rode by on his motorcycle. We started chatting, and ended up talking all through the 6-hour meeting. During our conversation, we were talking about where we grew up, and I realized that he was indeed the boy on the motorcycle just as he realized that I was the little girl who always waved and blew kisses.

    It took 30 years, and one marriage-and-divorce each, but we finally got together.

  6. KTMom91

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    Hubby and I went to high school together, and were friends. He was too shy to ask me out, and since I always thought he was a nice guy, I would have gone out with him, forward 20 years later. He remembered my personalized license plate, happened to see my car, put a note on it, I called him back, we started dating, and got married five months later.

    We just celebrated ten years of marriage and went to our thirtieth high school reunion. I tell him we probably could have avoided a lot of heartache if he'd just asked me out back then...but then we wouldn't have our kids or grandbaby...
  7. skeeter

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    we "met" online through a mutual interest (mountain dulcimer). There is a group of us here that tell anyone that comes through our area to get in touch and they can stay at one of our houses and we'll do dinner and a jam. He had lived 100 miles away for years, but had moved to the other end of the country. He was coming back (he was telecommunicating with his old job) and all us players got together. We started emailing afterwards and found we had a lot in common. He moved back here (drove cross country in a rented truck pulling his car), got here on a Wed night and we were married on Saturday. We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary.
    People who don't know our story think we've been married forever. My kids introduce him as their "other" dad, and have no issues with asking him for help - in fact, will do it before they ask their bio dad.
  8. Jena

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    I don't know if we wanna call my recent pain in butt my knight in shining armor with some of the posts i've been writing about him!! LOL

    We met online, i didnt' have an acct. my friend did. she wanted me to view a guy she was going to date and than i saw this other guy, husband. i opened an account because of him. I didnt' communicate for weeks. just kept staring at his picture. now in all honesty ladies my man is not umm let's just say "hot" he's a sweet man, with a bald head and a gut. yet I love him even though he drives me insane at times.

    We began to email, than one night he said let's talk on the phone. we spent four hours that night on the phone. our calls got more frequent, than we arranged a meeting at a public restaraunt. I was hooked from the first night. By date 3 we both knew. we were engaged 6 weeks later. our kids met and meshed immediately. funny thing is the website we used was based on compatability. we are total opposites. black and white and it can be a challenge. but he's my best friend.

    thing was i wasnt' really looking and they say that's when it happens when you least expect it.
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    by the way these stories are amazing. What a great thread this is
  10. Jena

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    by the way i just wanted to add that husband and i got together before he was able to clean up issues for himself from his last marriage and it has caused us great grief at times and still does. they say, whoever they are you should always take at least one year from the end of one relationship until you begin a new one. otherwise you'll mess it up and be lost.

    i know you weren't going searching tonight lol just figured i'd mention that. because i look back at times and shake my head that we didn't go a bit slower. give him time to deal with-his ****
  11. nvts

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    Oh trust me...I'm NOT looking (nor will I ever - the last thing I need is something to muddy up the works!). difficult child 3 wants me to marry a teacher that she had in 2nd grade. Now mind you, I liked him when I first met him (big giant guy with a smile to match, goofy fun sense of humor and very relaxed with himself) because I had more sarcastic, funny comments when it came to my kids and their issues and he loved difficult child 2 and 3 (he really only spent part of a summer working with difficult child 1). He was totally addicted to 3 and when I was pregnant with Evie he ALWAYS asked how I was feeling, etc.

    Well, he was divorced and had told me that he was NEVER getting married again, he also told my kids that he'd been a professional wrestler so as a joke, I sent in a promotional t-shirt from the company that I had worked for which was sponsoring a pro-wrestling tour (I put a note on asking "which one is you?"). difficult child 3 said that he laughed until he turned purple. (I had actually sent the shirt for his son who was about 13 at the time). He had confided in me as to what broke up his marriage and I truly understand his "Never getting married again".

    Fast forward to now. difficult child 1's teacher from that location and I had become friends, so she knew that we had split up and that difficult child 1 was in the hospital. I took difficult child 2 to the orthopedic doctor because he re-injured his broken wrist at school and they wanted to rexray to make sure he didn't break it. Since I had gotten him and emergency appointment. I looked like Hades. I'd just been waxing the dining room floor, was in old shorts, a rotten old tshirt, my hair was thrown up in a pony tail and stuffed in my Yankee hat. When I pulled the hat off, I had "Mad Scientist Hair". You know, the side pieces stick straight out from the sides of your head?

    Oh hot tamale!

    After difficult child 2 was done, he wanted to do something special because I didn't have to leave to go see difficult child 1. Brilliant me had left my debit and credit cards home and didn't have a lick of cash on me! "How about going to see Mrs. L? Your old school is right around the corner!

    Yay! Awesome Mom, You're the best!!!!

    Well, guess who was there? Riiiiight! And there I was in all my gory - oops I meant Glory!

    Needless to say - not in ANY shape to gun for replacements. :bag:

    I do love hearing the stories - they lend hope for friendships!

  12. busywend

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    I met my brand new husband at work. He was my IT guy...:redface:
  13. AnnieO

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    Hmm... I met husband at work - he was filling out paperwork for a position in another building, I walked in to the secretary's office to do something to her computer and thought ...DROOL...

    A few minutes later, he and I were discussing flashing the BIOS on a easy child (the joke now is I had him at the word "BIOS"). When he left I asked the secretary - was he single? Was he looking? She got back to me with - "yes, no, two kids and a psycho ex"... (I should have run, screaming, at those words...)

    About 2 weeks later, on Halloween (I was dressed as the typical computer geek, tape on my glasses, a multimeter in my pocket, belt was CAT-5 cable, mouse, floppy disk and memory-stick earrings, and yes a pocket protector), he came in with more paperwork. I had to help a customer (#$^&%), but when I came back there was a bag of Baby Ruth candy on my desk. A bit later I picked it up and there was a torn-off piece of "while you were gone" message pad with his phone number on it.

    Our first date was that night - with the kids - to a haunted house (I do NOT like haunted houses, and have never been to one since, but that tells you how interested I was). Second date? Bowling with the kids. Third - he came over and we watched movies ALL NIGHT. But it was over for me by then...