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I can't not believe the rain we have had this month! Today in about 20 minutes we got 2" of rain (we already had over 1/2 this morning). It also has rained more tonight! We are supposed to get another 1 1/2 inches tonight and more is in the forecast for the next two days. Since Saturday we've had about 8" of rain and we already had a ton earlier this month!

Several counties near us have had major flooding. We are under a

Today during the torrential downpour 3 people were killed from lightning. One was a child. This was about 3 miles from my house.

It's hard to believe we were experiencing drought conditions at the end of July!

Praying all rained soaked areas of the country dry out soon!


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Now you're just trying to make me jealous! It's too bad that some of that rain can't be spread around a little!

It hasn't rained here in well over a month! And for the last several weeks we've had temps at or over 100 degrees every day! I finally gave up trying to keep my flowers watered and just let them die. And my lawn is now just a dry, brown, crunchy matted-up mess! The heat is to the point that it's dangerous now - it's like it just drains every last ounce of energy out of you! It's exhausting just to walk from my office building to my car in the parking lot! THEN I can't touch the door handles because they're too hot, and then when I do get in, I can't touch the steering wheel! I am SO looking forward to the weather getting cooler and the leaves starting to change! And a little rain wouldn't hurt either!


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Amen, Sharon. I'm ready to build an ark! Woke up this morning to major thunder and lightning and am now going to bed with yet *more*. The park behind our house is now a lake. I think we're in for 1 day without rain in the next 7? Our sump pump is kicking in every minute or so... I sure hope we don't lose power!

Weather channel says we've gotten 16+ inches this month so far - can that possibly be right???

Donna, wish I could send you some of this stuff!

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Seems like most of the moisture is missing us. We're in a major drought.

We had some rain the last 2 days, but not much. What little we did get came down so hard that most of it probably just ran off instead of soaking into the ground.

No rain, but humidity to spare. I just let the dog out and could barely breathe out there it's so humid tonight. ugh

I wonder if we'll get any of the midwest rains.....


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It's been a gray wet summer here. That wouldn't be so bad, except I know that the days will get short soon, and the clouds and real rain will come from September to next June. It makes for a long winter when you've had no summer.


With Sharon on the rain! My back yard and garage are flooded. Each day I squeegy out the garage, open the door (it doesn't rain during the day very much). The next day same thing.

Feel bad complaining since this is really the most rain we have had all year...watching the weather, Texas seems like it has rained all summer. Still, wanting rain to stop soon!


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It's been a dry summer where I live--until this week we hadn't had any rain in weeks and our lawns were brown.


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My boys are in a 12 month program so they attended school until Aug. 16th. It started raining the 17th and seems like it hasn't stopped. If I don't see a ray of sunshine soon, I'm gonna lose it! Took them out to Chucky Cheese and they lost the pizza order, spent $40.00 more than we were supposed to so that we could have the priviledge of waiting 1.45 mins. for the most God forsaken pizza known to man!

I'm going back to my fetal position on Sept. 4th and rocking for 6 hours while they're in their 1st day of school (now watch - I'll get calls from all 3 schools!)



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One GOOD thing that may come out of the horrible heat wave we've been having here - they may have finally "seen the light" about starting the school year so darned early! It seems like it gets a little earlier every year. Now they're starting in mid-August and getting out the middle of May. It's usually very nice here in May but always BLAZING HOT in August. We've set records this year - well over two weeks with temps at or over 100! A lot of the schools have gone to mornings only (which causes havoc for working parents) and they'll have to make up the missed hours later in the year. They've had to cancel all outdoor athletics and PE classes, they've had kids getting sick in old school buildings with malfunctioning AC, kids passing out in buses that aren't air conditioned, even a few kids that have had to go to the ER for heat-related medical problems! To say nothing of the cost to try to cool these old buildings in 100+ degree heat! I don't know what the big push has been to start the school year earlier and earler!

The website for one of the TV stations has been running an informal on-line poll, and so far it's running 87%/13% in favor of waiting to start school until after Labor Day in the future! Well, duh!


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We've had so much rain this month and especially the past two weeks that we have wiped out any drought we were under. It is terribly hot and humid here. We moved our easy child back into college yesterday in the heat and of course the elevator wasn't working and I thought husband and I would die.


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Nancy where are you???

We're southeast of cincy and haven't seen hardly anything. My yard is brown, flowers dead.... Even the fleas can't stand the dryness and heat.

Seems like most of the rain goes over top of us or under us.

And it's after 10pm here and still 79 degrees. blah!


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Well, everything that's wet is well to the north of us. It did rain for about 15 minutes on Monday morning. We've had something like 20 or so days of 95+ and 6 of 100+ with a ton of humidity.. I can't take much more. Between hot flashes and this heat, I am miserable. I feel worse for husband, though. He works for the company that silkscreens all of the Harley Davidson t-shirts, hats, jackets, etc. and there is no a/c in the warehouse and the driers for the shirts are going 24/7. He told me that today when he left work that he rolled down his window and it felt good...it was 97! It's at least 110-120 in the warehouse.

I was hoping that none of our board members were in the flooding in MN or OH. Will keep saying prayers that everyone is safe and stays safe!


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I don't know what the big push has been to start the school year earlier and earler!

Two words: Test scores.

NCLB and state standards but a lot of pressure on SDs. So, many of them have started school earlier and earlier to get just a bit more instructional time in before testing.

After two years of that, my SD went back to school starting after labor day. Still, we have 100+ degree heat easily until the end of September.


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Lisa I'm in a suburb south of Cleveland, North Royalton. We've had a lot of flooding here too. The rain finally stopped Wednesday but they were predicting some serious storms last night that never came.

Our lawns were all brown and the flowers dead until this month when the skies opened up and dumped a years worth of rain in one month. But my tomato plants never did anything and I tried to keep them watered. The only good thing is that we have no mosquitoes this year, they didn't have any water to breed. And we have very few other bugs this year too.