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Oh I'm so ticked off my head is gonna explode:
-I live in rural Minnesota
-My easy child daughter(17) and I are originally from Massachusetts
-My first marriage was bi-racial, therefore my daughter is
-She's dating a boy that is .....not an angel
-I won't tell her not to, because we know that will work backwards of whatever I say as she's a teenager
-She's a good kid, tries hard to stay out of trouble, trouble seems to find her
-Her new boy is what we used to refer to as a "wannabe", I don't like the word "wigger"
-He's a 17 year old baby-faced caucasian child who wears bandannas in his back pocket and "claims bloods" and refers to his buddies as "my n-word" (I'm totally against the n word)
-oh puh-lease, little boy, get over yourself!!
-She was to leave for a church mission trip at 4:30 this morning to Tennessee, which she did make
-She was at the beach with the boy for fireworks last night and he got beat up because of his "colors" and ended up in the hospital, I got her and drove her home at 12:30 a.m.
-She was a wreck, scared and mad at the same time
-Stupid little kids in the midwest pretending they're in gangs, for cryin' out loud!!!!!!!!! I am furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for letting me vent,

Barbara, I was in Little Falls last December, freezing cold yet there were youth hanging out in different areas sporting red or blue bandanas.

I was pretty shocked.

I gotta wonder just how many kids have any concept of just how bad these gangs are.

Cool factor...zero.


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it's the wannabes in our neighborhood that scare me. The "Real" gangs are violent and horrible, but they do have "rules". The wannabes know no rules, so tend to cause alot more trouble for those that aren't associated with them (muggings, robberies, car jackings, drive by shootings).


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Oh, dear. I'm so sorry.
I'm originally from MN but was born and raised in the Twin Cities. That was in the days when bandanas were worn by cowboys. (Okay, I'm not THAT old.)
I hope your daughter wakes up and smells the coffee soon.


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You know, I've been thinking. She tends to pick up "strays". She has found an incredibly large number of friends from not well equipped single-father families. They're rare enough as it is, she's found like...eight? hmmmmmm Is she rescuing? Do I do that?
Wow, food for thought.


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I've had to ask my son that same thing... picking up strays, as you called it. He's 15 and always finds the girlies who have 'daddy' issues and are all emotionally whacked. I straight out asked him if he's thought about it and if he's wondered why he's attracted to girls like that.

In other conversations my son will refer to things and be very feminist and irritated with 'needy' girls. So I refer him back to the girls he's liked. It's made him stop and think.

He's not dated a needy girl in at least 8 months. (And when I say 'date', I mean talk on the phone/IM/myspace -- he's too young to really date.)