Rattle beads, please?

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    Tomorrow is the custody hearing for my "second son" - age 16. The state wanted to return him to his a father - who is a tool, to put it very nicely - and mom contested.

    difficult child 2 (second son) has been diagnosis'd BPII, is on medications, but not quite stable, is off drugs and attending AA and NA meetings daily - sometimes multiple times a day. He's trying to turn his life around. He has had NO services since he came home from rehab in December. He has been a ward of the state, but was released to his mother. He has not been enrolled in school (finally got enrolled in online school and starts tomorrow - court day), outpatient treatment just started last week (after the casework got called on the carpet at court), has not seen a psychiatrist (is almost out of medications) nor a therapist. All of these things were part of the case plan written by the rehab and ordered by the court. The CW sat on her hands and now is playing CYA. Mom was helpless because difficult child 2 was a ward of the state and she couldn't do anything unless they signed off. Actually, it was the CW's responsibility to get this going and she just didn't. But, mom even sent her the documents that needed to be signed off on and they weren't acknowledged.

    It would be extremely detrimental for difficult child 2 to return to his father. I know in my gut that he will end up back in DYS or in the hospital for OD'ing (again) within days.

    He talked to me today. He seems much calmer than he has been. I reminded him that he needs to stay calm tomorrow or he loses any credibility. He has so much anger and resentment directed toward his father and he's royally ticked at his father and the CW and then flies off at the mouth. Shoots himself in the foot.

    He has been home since mid-December. His father has seen him for 12 hours in that time. At court, we were there for 3 1/2 hours and his dad didn't say a single word to him, or even come over to see him.

    The CW is totally against mom (must be their thing - gang up on mom) and is basing everything totally on dad's word which is worth nothing. If he opens his mouth, it's a lie.

    So, please, please, please, rattle some beads for us tomorrow. We have to be there at 9AM. I will update as soon as I can.

    I am hopeful, but scared to death, too. This boy is as much a child in my heart as my biological children. I've had a soft spot for him since I met him when he was 7 years old.

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    Saying a prayer for him. I'll be sending good vibes and juju his way tomorrow. And I'll keep body parts he can hold his temper long enough to get this settled.

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    Rattling beads!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Prayers being said and beads being rattled!
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    Hope wisdom prevails and this difficult child finds the help he needs.......
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    Sending prayers~
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    Flutter -

    Your other son deserves a chance......prayers gone - angels dispatched, beads rattled. And just for fun I'm throwing in a kick in the rear for CW...sounds like she needs two or three.
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    He's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mom had her attorney, and Dad gave up. He told the CW that he wanted difficult child 2 to go home with Mom. He's been such a bleepin' bleep bleep throughout this whole process. He has physically assaulted difficult child 2 multiple times - once while he was in the hospital when he OD'd.

    I don't think he expected Mom to fight and when she showed up with an attorney, he just gave up. He's not that interested. IOW, he's not interested enough to fight. When the state was on his side he was cocky as all get out. But, when it comes down to it, he's not going to spend the money nor the time.

    The judge sent him home with Mom. There is still the custody arrangement that has Dad having custody of difficult child 2 and that has to be changed. The attorney is going to file a motion. If there is an agreement between Mom and Dad, it shouldn't be a problem and we are trying to work with that. However, Mom said she will fight and she will **** him dry (meaning him paying for his attorney) if she has to.

    There is a bit of limbo here in that the judge terminated CPS custody and sent him home with Mom, but that custody agreement has to be modified.

    difficult child 2 did wonderful today. He was wracked with anxiety, but maintained control. We are all so relieved. I feel giddy.

    He is really trying to do the right thing and turn his life around.

    He has wrap around services now, too.

    :woohoo: :whew:
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    Yay, so glad to hear this great news!
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    Sorry to get in late on this. I'm glad he's home. Enjoy!!

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    So glad that things turned out for the best and that he's home with Mom.
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    So glad things worked out well for him!