Ready for school... disappointed about placement :(

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gcvmom, Aug 29, 2008.

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    We got the class lists tonight for difficult child 2 and easy child/difficult child 3. I knew exactly where difficult child 2 was being placed, and THOUGHT I knew where easy child was going based on a conversation I had with the principal last week. She was going to try to put her in a particular class (one where I think she'd be better suited -- it's a GATE cluster with high acheivers), but instead she's with the ONE teacher she absolutely does not like and whom I understand is the slackest in terms of work load. Now she's upset and I'm disappointed and trying to find something positive to tell her about this situation she's going into. I guess it's because my perception of this teacher is that he represents the complete opposite of what I'd wanted for easy child. He's not challenging. He doesn't run a tight ship. He's a grouchy old codger. After the kind of year easy child has had, with so much stress living with two major difficult child brothers and one that's been unstable for two years... it's enough to make me stomp my feet and holler "NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!"

    She is SO smart and she really SHOULD be in a more advanced class and I feel like she's going to get lost. I don't want to see her get short-changed because she's been pigeon-holed with people who don't recognize her potential. And I feel guilty for not having had the time to champion her as much as I've had to for difficult child 2 because his problems have been so much more acute lately.

    Sorry for the vent and the pity party. I'm just feeling supremely disappointed tonight.
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    Can you go to the school and protest the placement? You won't be the only parent doing this. I think it would be a reasonable thing to ask, esp based on teh principal's discussion with you. Maybe even email him or call him at home this weekend?
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Thanks Susie. I probably will email the principal -- I'm too emotional right now and need to get some better perspective. I did email some friends who are more familiar and have actual experience with this teacher to see if there are any redeeming aspects about easy child's placement with him. I also need to remember that this is just the 4th grade and it's not like it's her junior or senior year in highschool. There may be valid reasons why she was placed here (and I'm sure I'll find out more when I contact the principal).