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AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!....okay, I feel somewhat better after that scream..sorry.

A little background--Friday at school was a school picnic. I was off and on with his class(I work at his school) and he was doing so-so. He was really clingy and I left him crying at 1 point. He looked fine, just whiny and clingy.

Fast forward 15 minutes, eyes were sunken in with huge red dark circles. So...I asked them to give him a snack and some water..just monitor really. I had to go outside to serve lunch, and by the time he got to me(less than 30 minutes) he was lost. No direction, no thought process..basically a zombie. His dad picked him up and brought him home where he jsut layed around for about 2 hours.

By evening, his second wind had come in like a tornado. WILD and loud. He did not go tobed unitl after midnight and was up by 6am Saturday morning.

Saturday was full of aggression, cussing, and oppositional behavior. He tried to get in trouble. If anyone was happy, he did his best to make them mad or sad. Also, very self indulging..all about me attitude. And fearless...(mind you he has a broken thumb from being fearless last week!)

Sunday not much better..had no listening skills and lots of cussing. Again did not go to bed easily. Sleep was restless and this am I found him curled into a shelf on his bed.

He went into school so so--we have had both better and worse days. I picked him up for lunch and that was a disaster. He was mad because his food wasnt fast enough, mad because it was hot, mad because ??? who knows.

He informed me several times he was never going to play with me again. NOt sure where that was coming from. When I took him back to school, he threw a MAJOR tantrum in the hall. The teacher literally had to pick him up and close the door to keep him in. Luckily, she is wonderful and put a stop to that fit pretty quick.

Afterschool, he was demanding and mean. I saw him outside chasing neighbor with a stick. He took a ball from younger neighbor girl just to hear her scream...just a royal pain.

He spends Monday nights with his grandmother, and sad to say..I am relieved. He has been so horrible, I need the break!

We have several diagnosis, have trialed many medications, and well...still having a rough go. Residential Treatment Center (RTC) has been mentioned more than once and our last doctor said that was his only choice then dropped us(he was out of state and wanted incoluntary placement, which I refused!)

So, now what...where to go, who to call, what medications to try. All rhetorical..just need to get it out. Thanks for listening.


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difficult child is really struggling right now-I'm glad you have some respite today-don't feel one bit guilty. difficult children are so wearing on us it is no wonder we get worn out. You need to be sure to take care of you. Is he currently on any medications? I know we have trialed many medications-he is on a combination that helps right now and it still isn't perfect but I can't even imagine my difficult child not being on medications for his bipolar.


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This is your celiac kid, right? I read this thinking it sounds like my difficult child who acts this way if she has gluten or casein. Are you sure he is not getting any gluten in his food? I wouldn't have believed it before it happened to me, but I react to even someone touching my food after touching something with flour. And my reaction (depression, irritability, fatigue) from such a tiny amount lasts for 2 1/2 weeks. Are you sure he isn't getting traces of gluten?

If you are, then you might want to try eliminating casein, too. When my daughter has any casein (even a trace), she becomes mean. It's even worse than her reaction to gluten. Many people with celiac disease also have to give up milk.

Check out if you haven't already and do a search on behaviour and mood. There are lots of stories about of parents observing their children's behaviour changes as well as adults describing their own experiences. I'm not saying there isn't something else going on, but it is very possible you can clean up his diet and he'll be fine with no need for medications.


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Current medications are Depakote 750mg BID, Topamax 50mg BID, Seroquel 250mg pm only.

Depakote level is still not theraputic(last check was 11 days ago) so...who knows.

I think he will probably need readmission by summer...oh lovely!

Thanks for the suggestions..sometimes this is my sanity line!



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NO, I cant honestly say he isnt getting any trace. I mean, he eats at school some, and this weekend we saw lots of gross gastro issues, so it wouldnt suprise me to think he had gotten something somewhere.

As for going casein free...B doesnt eat hardly anything. He basically survives on go-gurts and cheese on tostadas. So..going casien free would be really hard. (he had a feeding tube until this past August...since he was 2) and I done want to go back there.

Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions..I am looking into all right now!



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sleep deprivation can make me nuts. I get weepy, whiney and tired. so tired when I lie down, I cannot sleep cause my brain wont stop if it is under duress.

I hope today gets better for you and solutions come to the surface.