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    So today i was lamenting to myself that it is Sunday, the last day of a 4 day weekend and I am not really ready to go back to work tomorrow. I started wondering what that was about because actually i love my job. So I thought, am I sick of this job, would I rather be doing something else, would i rather stay home etc. etc. I thought about it and knew I would get bored if i was home all the time (did that for a number of years when the kids were little and I am not a great homemaker).... so what was this about???

    Then I realized it is because difficult child is not here!!!! I am able to truly relax in my own home, enjoy being here, am not feeling lots of tension (some normal teenage drama with my easy child but nothing major). I just want a few more days to relax, read a book etc.

    When he was home I could not wait to get back to work on Monday mornings and now that I don't feel that way I was wondering what was wrong with my job!!!! Nothing, just that I now enjoy home!!!

    So I have to remember this when the question comes up by him about coming home!!! I feel better and am more relaxed when he is not here!!!
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    It's kind of a nice place to be, isn't it?:likeit:
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    Yup. Amazing isn't it?

    The peace and quiet. The absence of tension.

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    Yeah it is amazing.... only problem is I don't feel like going to work tomorrow. LOL.I guess that is a whole lot better than not being able to wait to get out of here!
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    My husband often says 'thank goodness it's Monday'. I honestly know what you mean.

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    Oh, yeah... I feel like a completely different person. I still see glimpses of the old me, but not often. It's blissful.
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    Oh boy, do I understand. Our household is a completely different place with difficult child 1 out of the house.

    Undomesticated equines could not drag me back to my old life. lol.

    In fact, before I signed for difficult child 1 to get married at 17 & a half (six months after she ran away from home with my granddaughter) I was kind of terrified that she'd come back. In the beginning, I begged DFCS to help me get her to come home before she destroyed her life. Six months later, I was scared to death they'd remember I asked and try to force me to take her back.

    When my father in law found out what she was doing while out on her own and married, he made the comment that she NEEDED to be back home with her parent where she belonged.

    My response "Not no, but HE// NO! Over my dead, rotting body. I'll run away myself. No way. Ain't happening. Not in MY house she won't." lol. I told him I'd pack the boys up and move to an undisclosed location out of the country if they tried to make me take her back.

    I love my quiet, peaceful life. Whereas before I took every opportunity to NOT be home, now I find I seldom want to be anywhere else. (Good thing, since I do work from home. lol.)