Received discharge date for difficult child

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  1. difficult child called me last night all excited, he found out that he is getting discharged October 14th. I was in shock, because the last I had heard it would be Christmas at the earliest.

    I called the psychiatric case worker this morning and confirmed it. She said the treatment team met yesterday and they feel that he has made significant progress and is ready to go home. She said of course if he starts acting up and losing levels again that they will have to rethink things, but she said plan on the 14th.

    I believe he has made wonderful progress, but I am concerned that when he comes home that he will revert back into old habits. I told the caseworker that I want some tools in how to work with him, obviously I can't provide the 24-hour environment they have, I am a single working mom. She said over the next few weeks when I meet with the therapist, that we will work on this. She was going to give her a heads up for me that I wanted to start this when I see her on Monday.

    I need to have easy child prepared for this as well. I will make sure that her therapist knows so she can work with her as well to prepare her.

    I have an appointment with difficult child's outpatient therapist for me to meet with her the week before difficult child will be home so that she will be up to speed on him and be ready for their first appointment.

    I'm worried but hopeful.
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    Wow! They must think he has acheived a lot (let's hope that's it and not that they just need the beds). Anyway, I'm happy for you and him- I hope they can make you feel a little more prepared.
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    Would be nice if they'd clue the parents in first.... sigh.

    I hope that he is able to maintain when he's home. I am glad you'll be working with his current therapist to prepare. Some things I would ask about/for would be respite, crisis team, support services in the home and in the school, school placement/IEP, and what should your plan be if things start falling apart. I don't mean to sound negative at all - if things go well, you won't need any of this but if they don't, it's much better to have a plan in place if at all possible.

    It warmed my heart that he is excited to be coming home. It's always so good to see our kids making progress and being successful!
  4. klmno, I hate to say that one of the first things that ran through my head was budget cuts - it is a state facility. But we will see.

    slsh, thanks for the ideas. I already have the process started for an IEP, I had talked to the school too about it, since I had started the process at the end of last school year, they said they would continue the process once difficult child was back at school. I will be calling them to schedule an appointment the week before difficult child is due back to school to meet with his counselor and the school nurse. I want to meet with his teachers too once we know who they are. I want to be proactive too, just in case. I hope and pray that he stays stable, but you just never know.