Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits, anyone???


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In my paper today the recipe is there with an article about
author Todd Wilbur who makes a living reproducing famous
restaurant recipes. He has a web site that provides one
recipe per week free and then gets
.75 after that one is over. He's sold 80,000 books on QVC

My husband loves those biscuits so I'm keeping this recipe....until I lose it!


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DDD Thanks for the website. The biscuits sound wonderful. I won't be making them for a while though. I'm watching what I eat trying to loose the weight I ate on while difficult child was spirialing downward. -RM


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Here is another website for copykat recipes ~ hence it's name. . .
copykat recipes

It's time consuming because there isn't a list to view the recipes. You have to open them page by page. It was worth it though, I found a lot recipes that I copied to my recipe folder on my desktop.



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My husband and difficult child love those biscuits too so I will be copying that recipe.. Thanks...



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Bisquick has a cheddar garlic mix for biscuits in the grocery store that are quite similar.

We make them sometimes because we really love Red Lobster but cant afford to eat there often.


I LOVE these biscuits! Only thing I like about Red Lobster. I couldn't find the one you found DDD, doesn't come up on a search for me. The second one on the one Kathy mentioned sounds easy enough. Think I'll try that one.

Janet, I bought those packets and tried them. Of course, with my skills they didn't come out right but one of my problems with them was that the cheese was in chunks, not shredded, they did not say to put something on the top, and I felt they weren't as salty as the real ones. So I had given up and now there's hope! Thanks everyone!


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The packaged ones arent as good as the real ones but my guys inhale biscuits so fast that they couldnt