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    Anyone try or hear anything about this?

    A natural "blend" product that promotes positive mood and moderates stress. It is said to support satiety and healthful eating. Said to help with carb cravings and resulting weight gain.
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    Haven't heard of it before, so I looked it up. It's supposed to be good for reducing stress. As far as I can see, the only weight loss it should help with, is any weight gain associated with stress. Which sounds odd to me, because when I'm stressed I stop eating and lose weight.

    I do think with anything like that, you need to talk it over with a practitioner who knows your physical situation very well.

    The Catch 22 of herbal remedies - if they're so very safe tat they do no harm, then by definition they also can do no good. But if they're really effective, then they also should be used with the same caution as prescription medication.

    You can't have it both ways. Or rather, the people who flog this stuff can't have it both ways.

    "Natural" and "plant-based" doesn't necessarily mean "harmless". Cyanide can be extracted easily at home in lethal quantities, from what's in your garden and kitchen cupboard. Nicotine is from a plant product and is even more lethal than cyanide.

    So if you're interested in it, find out more about it from someone who isn't also getting a profit from selling it to you.