RFS update!

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back! Our schedules changed (what with husband quitting his job to stay home while difficult child attends public school) and then the computer died. Spouse unit finally replaced the hard drive and I don't know what else, so now it's working again. Hurrah!

difficult child is doing well enough in public school. Having to cooperate for "only" 3 1/2 hrs a day is certainly better for him than when we had him trying to hold it together for a full day program. His easy child sister is doing well enough in public school as well, although she is not as cooperative as she could be. Getting really snotty in her old age (8). husband is still good with the SAHD concept; all power to him. I couldn't do it without going bats.

difficult child is still on 20 mg of Lamictal twice a day. The add-ons we tried didn't do anything for him. We do think he has improved over the last five months but not anywhere near enough that we want to try putting him back into a full day program anywhere. Now I'm looking around for a cheap (key word is "cheap") part day program for summer so husband can have a few hours of peace during the day.

We had a medical oddity with difficult child. A few weeks ago, his teacher (who is very nice but kind of clueless) said that he sort of blanked out in class -- rocked, smacked his lips, etc and couldn't be brought out of it for a few minutes. So, tons of blood work and an EEG later, they haven't found a flipping thing wrong with the cub and no one has observed anything like it since. Knowing this cub, he was probably just messing around but everyone freaked out. My medical insurance became significantly poorer this year, so this was not cheap for us. Sigh.

Now I have to start digging through all the old posts here to figure out what's changed in everyone's lives since I was here last! I might not be able to get on every morning, but I'll certainly be able to visit again regularly. Love all you guys -- and I thought of you often!


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I have missed you :crying: I've thought about you alot. I'm glad you gave an update.

Cheap summer thing - check into the YMCA. They provide financial assistance, and you can go part time, full time, etc. My kids loved it over the summer. Something to think about.

Glad to hear difficult child is doing well on the Lamictal. You know, it's not that depressing the add on's didn't do much. I wish I didn't have to give Dylan so many pills. If difficult child is doing ok on what he's on, more power to him!

And easy child - sounds like a girl. Lucky you. Have I ever told you how happy I am I had all boys, RFS? :smile:

Hugs, my friend. Stop by more often.



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Welcome back! We've missed you!!!
I'm glad the cubs are doing well enough and all. Could difficult child's "seizure" (for lack of a better word since that's what it sounds like) been caused buy an adverse reaction to a medication? You mention he'd been on some add-ons...
I'm a stay at home mom and our town offers a rec program for kids six and up at local parks. Plus we could probably eek out five weeks of vacation bible school if we looked real hard. I'm also thinking about girl scout day camp for a week. Janna mentioned YMCA, do you have a Boys & Girls Club or 4H Club near by? You may also want to put in a call to your local mental health unit and NAMI chapter to see what's available.


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It's nice to see you back. I did miss you and your cubs. :salute:
Glad husband is adjusting to be a sahd.

Andrea Danielle

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I am so happy you are back, RFS. I have always really appreciated your advice, it is always exactly what I need to hear! Our difficult child's seem to be so similar. Glad to hear things are going well for your kids! It must have been scary that your difficult child had that episode and then not to find out what it was. Let's just hope he was tricking everyone, I could see my difficult child doing something sneaky like that too :smile:

Take care,


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Hi Running, I haven't met you b4... it's nice to meet you. Quite an update! Weird about the school episode. I can see where he could have had an isolated incident, could have done it on purpose, or whatever. Sigh. Good luck with-your plans.


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Glad you are back also!!! It is nice to have your wisdom around here!

It is scary how connected to the computer... and to this place we become, You really feel it once it is taken away from you!!!
When my computer was down for 2 weeks I felt so lost for the time... especially since I am just starting this fun marathon...

Nice to hear from you...