Rise of ailments - not better diagnosis

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Star*, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Star* call 911........call 911

    I still after 12 years maintain - the govt. knows something they are not telling.
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    Agreed! I now have allergies I never used to have and I've suddenly become sensitive to chemicals like chlorine. Absolutely environmental. I have no doubt some of my son's difficulties are exacerbated by this.
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    Could it be this generation of parents is much more attentive to their children? And their every need/want?

    I recall my mother not evening knowing where I was most of the day. We would be off playing somewhere and nobody knew where. My mom was probably chatting with her girl friends on the phone, watching a soap opera or cooking/cleaning.

    She certainly did not know every aspect of my day. It never would have occured to her to contact me while I am at school. Yet the schools are saying that kids are younger and younger getting cell phones so their parents can reach them. There are actually parents calling their 3rd graders during the school day.

    Part of this is there is less safety on the streets. Part of this is terrorism or the increase in stories in the media that make us aware of the dangers that face our children.

    But, I know I am WAY more in tune to my child than my mother was to me. Perhaps it is unhealthy. She really wishes I was not so in tune to her. I made it just fine without my mom knowing my every move.

    I digress...ya think?!!? LOL!

    Anyway, I do think these things existed in the same number in the past. There was less knowledge and less attention given to the kids. IMVHO.

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    Speaking of government, Starbie, is there an update to the
    Department of Juvenile Justice branch post? I keep worrying about you and really hope
    that I can erase the issue.

    Busywend, I remember the awesome sense of freedom that I had
    with my first pair of rollerskates. I took off down a street
    near my home speeding down the sidewalks with my skate key
    swinging on a necklace. It was so exhilarating to get away from
    my Mother and know I didn't have to be home until dinner. That
    was the 40's/50's. My kids in the 60's/70's "had" to be where
    they said they were going BUT they didn't have to check in unless they were relocating. The boys in the 90's/00's have to
    check in.

    Life changes. DDD
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    I agree 100%..............if any of you have read Civil Action, you will walk away and wonder "what if?"............for years.

    I live by a major freeway, in a small neighborhood that is surrounded by the toxic fumes the tanker trunks and semi emit. On my block alone, every child, and I mean every child, has some sort of major mental disorder, and the one child who does not, has cystic fibrosis. All of these children were born and raised in this neighborhood. It is freaky to say the least. I have often wondered what the correlation is, and it has haunted me for years.

    It would be interesting to do a study of newborns growing up in the country, vs the city. But it would be a hard one unless they had the same parents, because it would be impossible to identify nature vs nurture.

    I don't know.........much of the research suggests environmental toxins for autism as well. Again, we, as a nation, need to be like the group of ladies in civil action, and take a stand. (The book was much better than the movie, read the book.)
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    That's really interesting,thanks for posting them.
    Those articles sure do raise some big questions..
    My mother is certain she developed her brain tumour after
    years of living in apartments that were built on the site of an old dump.