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I hope I spelled it right, difficult child has been taking this since he was released from the hospital, I don't see any change in him, he's definitely worse, as far as sitting still, concentration, silliness, etc...that type of thing. I don't see that this medication has helped him with anything, but he has an appointment Wed.

Anyways what I really wanted to know is could this cause bed wetting? He's 10 yr old and since he's taken it, about 3 times a week he's waking up in the night with a wet bed, he wakes himself up after the fact I guess and he changes clothes and rips the sheets off and goes back to sleep but it's been going on for weeks.

Anyone else see this ever?


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My son is on Risperdal but we've not had bed wetting problems. He's older than yours though, so I don't know if that makes a difference. I do know though, that Risperdal can make you sleepy so maybe some nights he can't wake up enough to get to the bathroom. Is there any type of pattern on his wet nights? (Longer days, more activity...things like that?)

As for the timing, with my difficult child we've seen a difference fairly quick (within a couple of weeks if not less) but each child reacts differently. I would definately bring this up with the psychiatrist during your appointment though and see what he/she thinks.


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my difficult child 1 is now 14. He bedwet off and on after he was toilet trained, but once he was put on risperadal at age 9 he wet nearly every night. He stopped at age 11.


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Well, Dylan has always had enuresis (peeing the bed), but I can tell you that he was on Risperdal three times.

The last trial in October/November of 2005, it made him crazed. He was siller, goofier, manic, more hyper, etc, BUT he was also talking to the walls, acting like a dog in the classroom and doing other very strange things he had never done before.

He only lasted a week on this. We saw a negative difference immediately. I'd call the psychiatrist first thing in the morning.



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My son took risperdal for about 9 months. It was effective, but we stopped it due to weight gain and wetting the bed or having day time accidents. Once we stopped, the accidents stopped. However, .25 mg is a pretty low dosage..I'm kind of surprised to see this at such a low dosage. Does he take it once a day?


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Corey takes 0.5mg twice a day and it has been wonderful for him...however it doesn't sound like it may be the best choice for your son. I would call the MD in the am as our kiddos have enough issues without medications adding to them. Keep us updated.


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My son was older than your when he was on Risperdal and we did not notice bedwetting. It helped for about three months and then stopped working at all. When we increased the dose he had wild mood swings from mania to depression. We took him off after that. It can help some kids..we saw the effect within a few days, but if it is not helping tell the psychiatrist. No need to keeps medications on board that are not helping, and might actually be causing problems.


Bedwetting is a side effect of Risperdal. If that's occurring, plus it's not helping your difficult child, it would seem a medication change is in order.

I think you may have the dosage wrong -- Risperdal comes in increments of .25 mg. If that's his dosage, it is low. If he's taking 2.5 mg, that's a substantial dose.


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We have an appointment tomorrow, it doesn't seem to be with or without more activity during daytime hours, but he's doing it over 1/2 the time, but still I don't see any positive changes with this drug.

I'll update you again tomorrow