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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Oct 8, 2013.

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    difficult child had an appointment with the therapist tonight. I left easy child home alone, figuring husband would be home before I got back (more on that later) but I told him to either shower, eat something, or finish his reading homework before I got home.

    The therapist asked me to come it and asked me now things were going. I was pretty honest with her, and I told her that I see effort for the most part, but there are times when that effort just leaves a lot to be desired. I told her that difficult child will curse at me when he doesn't get what he wants, and sometimes it's not what he says, but how he says it which is very typical teen, I know. Apparently difficult child was annoyed that I was honest with the therapist and started with, "Well, no one ever treats me nicely, so why should I be nice to all of you?" The therapist pointed out several examples of when I was nice to him, but he didn't want to hear any of it. No one is ever nice or respectful of difficult child and his needs, wants, or feelings, so he feels no great need to be nice or respectful to any of us. Whatever.

    We go to drive home and he starts complaining that he wants to go back to his old therapist. I asked him why and he said the one talks to him like a patient and the old one talked to him like person. I told him that his dad and I made the decision that he needed to see someone else and that going back to the old therapist was not an option. Then he said, "As soon as I'm old enough and out of the house I'm going back to see the old therapist." Fine. Whatever. Then we get stuck in traffic riding home, which only made his mood worse.

    We finally get home, only to find that easy child is still home alone. I had no idea why husband wasn't home yet. I get in the house and easy child has done none of things he was told to pick from. So now, it's 7:00, no one has eaten dinner or taken showers, easy child still had homework to finish, and we had vision therapy work to do.

    All three of us eat, and easy child goes into the living room to read while difficult child says he's going to take a shower. My umbrella was in the tub because it was wet the other day, so he goes to put it in the living room, but instead of just going in and putting it on the couch he has to antagonize and annoy easy child. easy child tells difficult child to stop it and leave him alone because he's trying to finish his reading. Then difficult child gets angry because I told him to leave easy child alone and get into the shower, so to punish me for taking easy child's side he decides that he's not going to take his shower right now, and marches up the stairs. I knew exactly what was going to happen. As soon as easy child was ready to take his shower in the upstairs bathroom, difficult child was going to come down and say he was taking his shower now in the downstairs bathroom, which is what happened. So, I took easy child into the dining room to do the vt work while difficult child showered, which made difficult child angry again.

    husband finally walks in the door and when I asked why he worked late when he knew he needed to come home he looked at me with that deer in the headlights look and said, "I didn't know you needed me home."

    I'm just done tonight.
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    (((Hugs))) I think I know the frustration you're feeling even though I have an only child. It must feel like you're the only one trying to move in the right direction. I hope tomorrow is a better day.
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    I very much sympathize. Hope today is better.
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    OMG!!! Yes!! That is exactly how I feel some days, but I could never word it correctly. I knew people here would understand.