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    I was wondering for those of us who feel on occasion that Motherhood ripped us off if this would help.

    I was a Girl Scout. I was a brownie before that. With each organization you got a sash. With each newly learned skill you got a badge to sew on your sash.

    I was daydreaming and thought wouldn't it be funny to see how many badges some women would get for Motherhood. It could be like at the onset of pregnancy you got a "I'm trying" badge and once you were pregnant you actually GOT the sash and your second badge that said "It's a baby".

    Then you could get patches for the 15 hour club (staying up a day and a 1/2), the barf patch (I mastered puking), the diaper patch (I mastered those stupid little sticky tabs that stick to everything else but the diaper where I wanted it), and the colic patch, the I found the best bottle patch, the breast feeding patch - although I have my doubts as to what THAT would look like. And then there could be patches for crawling, pulling up, first steps, first tooth, first birthday. The first time my son brought me a flower and cheerios in bed. And of course they would go under your Top Rocker - that would say MOM.

    Of course if you were in brownies or Girl Scouts you would already be a domestic goddess, sew, cook, clean, camp, etc.

    And then I thought about all the patches that I never got with a difficult child. Patches for: 1st school play, homeroom mom, grade school carnival of any sort, choir, band, athletics, sports, (cursing is not an event) but surviving it should merit a reward. It would be a big mouth -sexy like Steven Tylers and have symbols rolling out in black. And then there is the encopretic patc - it's just a brown spot. And the skipping school patch, the 1st arrest patch (a set of handcuffs).

    And then I realized that for all the patches I didn't have per se, I had a lot that most Mom's NEVER get the opportunity to have (or would want) BUT THEY ARE MY WARRIOR MOM patches. Like Goes to probation, gets a job, learns how to support himself.

    And in the end it's all the same that we hope are kids are Healthy, happy, able to support themselves, survive in the world (I don't even want to think about my 17th year survivor patch) and just BE.

    I guess I'm okay after all with the empty spots on my sash. difficult child and I just filled them with the not-so usual patches of our life.

    Just thinking out loud.
    Not looking for a reward - I have that already - it's my son.

    Hugs for your day!
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Girl, what we earned are not patches.

    They are war wounds. Battle scars.

    And I'll put them up against any PTA booster mom bake sale patch any day.

  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I ditto BBK.

    Oh, you forgot the "handling any imaginable crisis badge" for things like when Travis climbed up to the teeny tiny branches of a very tall tree at age 3 and of course couldn't get back down. Or when Nichole at age 3 is standing beside the most vicious huge dog in the neighborhood and hugging him around the neck telling him what a sweet doggie he was! (I could go on forever here)
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    Wasn't there a movie once where someone said "badges, I don't need know stinking badges"
  5. HereWeGoAgain

    HereWeGoAgain Grandpa

    Wikipedia: Stinking Badges (Warning: language)

    Oh, one or two (the original line comes from Treasure of the Sierra Madre):
    - "I Don't Have to Show You No Stinking Badges!" is a satirical play by the Chicano playwright Luis Valdez, first published in 1986, that tackles media stereotypes in a sitcom style.
    - In an episode of The Monkees from 1967, the band members play at being banditos. Michael (El Nesmito) wonders whether they should carry a club card or some badges. Micky (El Dolenzio) replies sneeringly with the line, "Badges? We don't need no steeenking badges!"
    - In the 1974 Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles, probably the most famous parody of the line is delivered. Hedley Lamarr (Harvey Korman) is interviewing a line of criminals in order to deputise them so that they can terrorize a town. The line is filled with stereotypical criminals, from bikers to robed Klansmen. A group of Mexicans dressed in sombreros and bandoleros step up to him. He speaks to them briefly, hires them and tries to hand them deputy badges: "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"
    - The Minutemen wrote a song called "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges".
    - In the "WKRP in Cincinnati" episode "Filthy Pictures" Dr. Johnny Fever is forced by his employer Arthur Carlson to give details of a past arrest, a small event Fever characterizes as an "altercation with 145 Mexican cops." "I asked to see their badges," Fever tells Carlson, "but the guy said 'Badges?....We don't need no stinking badges!'."
    - In the Stephen King novel It, the character Richie Tozier repeatedly says "Batches? We don't need no steenking batches!"
    - In the 1984 film The Brother From Another Planet, two "men in black" (alien bounty hunters) enter the bar where the alien was supposedly found. The bartender, suspicious of their intentions, demands to see some I.D. John Sayles, the director of the movie, delivers the line "Badges? What badges? We don't have to show you any badges."
    - In an episode of the television series The A-Team (c. 1985), Hannibal hatches a plan for the team to dress as cops, but Face observes that they don't have any badges, to which Murdock responds "Badges? We don't need no steeenking badges!"
    - In the 1989 Shelley Long film Troop Beverly Hills, when the troop's achievement patches are taken away, Rosa, the maid of Long's character (played by Shelley Morrison) says, "Patches? We don't need no stinkin' patches!"
    - In the 1989 "Weird Al" Yankovic film UHF, the host of Raul's Wild Kingdom receives a shipment of badgers in error: "Badgers? Badgers?!? BADGERS?!? We don't need no stinking BADGERS!!!"
    - In the 1989 Jim Jarmusch film Mystery Train, a young Japanese tourist obsessed with Carl Perkins and American culture says, "Matches? We don't need no stinking matches!" upon lighting a cigarette with a Zippo lighter.
    - In the 1991 Ron Howard film Backdraft, Kurt Russell says "Spinach? We don't need no stinkin' spinach!"
    - In the computer game "Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up Or Slip Out", Leisure Suit Larry looks at fitness instructor Cavaricchi Vuarnet's badge and remarks: "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges.".
    - In an episode of the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun (c. 1996), Harry (French Stewart) exclaims, "Bagels? We don't need no stinking bagels!"
    - In an episode of Trial by Jury, Detective Lennie Briscoe responds to a woman who asks to see his and his partner's badge with, "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges." When the woman opens the door and asks what he said, he replies "I said yes, yes, of course you need to see our badges."
    - In the "Ghost in the Machine" episode of the cartoon Transformers, Scourge, possessed by Starscream's ghost, is intercepted by a couple of other Decepticons, who ask him for an entry pass. Starscream's ghost materialises and says "Passes? Passes? I don't have to show you no stinking passes!".
    - In Eldest, the second book of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini, Loring the cobbler says "Barges? We don't want no stinking barges!"
    - On the X-Men TV Show Archangel (Stephen Ouimette) exclaims "Cities? They don't need no stinking cities!"
    - In the 1985 Anthony Edwards film Gotcha! when Jonathan's friend "Carlos", along with his friends 'surrounded' the FBI agents who then proceeded to flash their badges, "Carlos" retorted "Badges...we don't need no stinking badges"
    - In an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer Simpson becomes a food critic, Marge Simpson warns him that the typewriter he is using has a faulty E key. Homer replies, "We don't need no stinkin' E!"
    - In an episode of the 1990s Nickelodeon show, Salute Your Shorts, Appropriately enough, in the episode titled "The treasure of SARAH MADRE, Z.Z. finds a 'Junior Park Ranger's Badge' while the kids are digging for treasure. She shows it to Michael, who replies "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"
    - In a fourth-season episode of Farscape, when the Scarran emperor asks John Crichton how he obtained the codes to a secret chamber, Crichton affects a Mexican accent and responds, "Codes? We didn't need no stinkin' codes!"
    - In an episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the main characters are being chased by self-appointed police officers, and when one of the characters asks to see their badges, the "officers" shoot at them wildly. The character Sheen remarks, "I don't think they need no stinking badges."
    - In an episode of Perfect Strangers (TV series) titled 'Tooth or Consequences', cousins Balki and Larry are overexposed to Nitrous Oxide and Larry exclaims "We don't need no stinking dentist!" as he hatches a plan to fix his own missing filling.
    - In the kids TV show Viva Pinata, Paulie the Pretztail says "We don't need no stinking BADGESICLES!!!"
    - In the 2007 BCS National Championship after University of Florida linebacker Earl Everett loses his helmet then continues the play to make the tackle, the announcer says "Helmets, we don't need no stinkin' helmets."
    - In an episode of Friends, Ross, Chandler and Joey are playing a game-show type quiz, and one of the questions asked was, "Which movie is this famous quote from?", before speaking the famous quote. Chandler managed to answer the question correctly, and was also awarded a bonus for speaking the name of the movie backwards.
    - In the 1987 film Born in East L.A., Cheech Marin says "I don't need no stinkin' green card." </div></div>I believe the line was also used by the Killer Bees on Saturday Night Live.
  6. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I used to LOVE watching "Salute Your Shorts".

    And, I was wondering if they were going to mention the Jimmy Neutron episode. Watching Nick 24/7 as I do, one can basically memorize every Jimmy Neutron episode that there is. And every Sponge Bob. And Fairly Oddparents.

    And Blazing Saddles was the best movie ever made.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I am a huge Michael Nesmith fan. His music is near impossible to find. Miguel Nesmito - ROFL. Por favor senor no mas no mas!

    Nesmito rhymes with meskito. I have NOT had my afternoon blast of chocolate.

    Thanks HWGA - Loved the part about We dont' need no stinking patches. -

    This group is incredibly talented and dotted with pithy humor.
  8. HereWeGoAgain

    HereWeGoAgain Grandpa

    When we're not pithed off.
  9. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I had an orange that pithed me off once.

    Not humorous. Not AT ALL.
  10. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    And Mickey Dolenz was my boyfriend when I was 7, in case anyone was wondering.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911

    MICKY - oh micky you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey Micky hey Micky....

    I guess if you had to date a monkey......ohooo oohhhhooo

    B'Nanners ALL Around! :nonono:
  12. flutterbee

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    Star - you are one of a kind, girl. Great post.

    BBK - Who's Mickey Dolenz?
  13. bby31288

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    Thank you HereWeGoAgain! I appreciate all of your hard work looking into that!!! Now on to Mickey Dolenz, wasn't he one of the Monkeys of the bad? The cute one!!!
  14. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    Star my daughter has been playing the Micky song you just did up in your reply. One of the handful she repeats. It is humorous that she is playing :censored2: I listened to.

  15. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Heather, he was indeed one of the Monkees.

    Not the short cute one that EVERYONE liked. The goofy drummer that I liked.

    My brother and I used to watch their TV show religiously.
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Wynter -


    In the early 1970's there was a show called the Monkees. There were four boys - Davey Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork- it's been like 32 years. Forgive me. They are English and did little skits in a 1/2 hour variety type show. I can still sing the theme song:

    Here they come
    Walking down the street
    (I forget 'cause I'm older)
    Everyone we meet

    Hey Hey were the Monkees Monkees theme song - fuzzy picture but you'll get the ideas

    They had GROOVY letters that spelled MONKEES and came out at a time when the we needed someone to swoon over. Cause we ALL know it was NOT the Brady Bunch - Peter Brady (Christopher Knight) turned 50 yesterday. How old do I feel. (not very)

    They were the "IT" guys of the day, them and David Cassidy and the Partridge family, and Bobby Sherman, and then later came Fonzi and Tigerbeat magazine.

    I would venture to say you might not know the Monkeys but maybe you know the Banana Splits or HR Puffinstuff? The New Zoo Review. OMG I really do have alzheimers - I cant' remember what I'm doing this evening but I can remember Fleagle from the Banana splits. And drooper, na na na nanananaaah na na na naaaa na na na na (sing it with me) na na na na nah nah nah na na na......

    Oh bother. Stupid banana split song in my head now. One bananA, TWO BANANA THREE BANANA FOUR....

    I think their official web site is

    (Remember the song Day Dream Believer) -

    Actually one of my favorite songs of all times is by Michael Nesmith - Lucy and Ramona. Only EVER saw it once on MTV and can't find his albums hardly anywhere.

  17. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    For those of us who were Monkees fans, they reappear in some episodes of 7th Heaven as the father's former band mates. Yep, the dad was in a band. They all come to visit. In the first episode I remember them in, Simon is hooked on coffee, Ruthie on bubblegum and the mom is pregnant with Sam and David. I have the season around here somewhere. If I can find it I will send along the season and episode title.

  18. Star*

    Star* call 911

    For older dudes they are all still good looking. That could be the 60's part of my brain talking. Micky doesn't look any different, Michael got more elusive than he was if that was possible. Davey Jones is about the same with a few more wrinkles and Pete hasn't changed a whole lot, but has a beard!
  19. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I have to disagree.

    Davy Jones looks like a troll doll. As do most older guys who were too cute when they were young.

    And what was with the tambourine? Little British fruitcake. If you gave him a set of drumsticks he would probably sprain his wrist.

    I don't think the other guys were English. They didn't talk funny.

    Star, let me jog your alzheimers. Ahem.

    Here we come
    Walkin down the street
    Get the funniest looks from
    Everyone we meet

    Hey hey we're the Monkees
    And people say we Monkey around
    We're too busy singin
    To put anybody down

    Oh, and the BANANA SPLITS!! Thank you for that trip back to childhood...
  20. trinityroyal

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    Mickey Dolenz was indeed the best Monkee!
    He was the one who sang lead vocals on all of the good songs (I'm a Believer, Last Train to Clarksville, Stepping Stone, Mary Mary)

    (BBK, I thought Mickey Dolenz was MY boyfriend when I was 7.)