Saturdays can be so Hard!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by llamafarm, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. llamafarm

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    Saturdays can be a huge challenge around here! Anyone else? difficult child needs almost every minutes scheduled. No such thing as enjoyable free time. If he has nothing planned he paces and complains that I am not helping find something to do. If I am scheduled for most of the weekend, a trip here, a friend scheduled to come, a trip there, etc.. he does not know what to do with himself. He finally came up with lemonade stand a little while ago, the lure of money is very strong. I hope this lasts a little while. Can you tell I didn't plan this weekend well? husband is out of town until late this afternoon, but then gone again in the morning and all next week. Here we go again.
  2. buddy

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    Yes, I am sure you are not surprised that I have found them long too...but mine wants to do more than he can and he fusses that I wont let him be out and about on his own enough...... maybe we can trade every other weekend????
  3. Malika

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    Sorry you're having a hard time of it, llamafarm (do you really have llamas, by the way?). I can relate. We do better with structure, too...
    A lemonade stand sounds enterprising at least. Hope the rest of the weekend is...survivable.
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    I used to have the same problem with DD1 ALL the time - not just on weekends. I call it extreme boredom, because if it gets a good hold of her, there is nothing I can come up with that will entertain her for more than a few minutes.

    I keep a whole arsenal of crafts available for her. She has a written list which she made in therapy of the things she likes to do. When she gets into boredom mode, these are not fun either, so having the list written out by her comes in handy. AND I repeatedly tell her that it's not my responsibility to entertain her. If she dares to ask me for something to do these days, the only options I give her are chores. She doesn't like my ideas? She can come up with her own, but if I have to hear her moan and groan and whine, I will start taking away privileges. This is working out pretty well for us.

    As a matter of fact, she had a party to go to today, and was having a difficult time waiting. I let her know that if I had to hear her whine about waiting, she wouldn't go to the party at all. Yup. That did the trick.
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    It happens here as well. I here I am bored. What can I do? Come talk to me. And, her normal things she likes to do, I can't even give as options because she can't do them with her arm in a cast. She likes to do paint by numbers, make jewelry, and draw with her oil pastels. Hard to do any of those with your arm plastered to the shoulder. She tried to play around with- her makeup another favorite pastime, but again... I do not know about the rest of you, but we are on spring break this coming week. Ideas? Anyone?