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    easy child will be doing basic and AIT in South Carolina and Virginia. The first at Fort Jackson. I am currently trying to figure out some things for husband and I to do when we go and was getting overwhelmed with the internet searches. She will finish at Fort Jackson in September sometime.

    The second one is at Fort Lee in Virginia. She should finish this one in Mid November if my math will be accurate but of course it could be a bit later.

    Any input would be great.

    This will be the first time husband has traveled that far.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Fort Lee is near the town of Petersburg Va and about 30 minutes or so south of Richmond (the capital of Va). There will be a plethora of things to do in November in the area. Williamsburg Va, which is gorgeous at Christmastime, is a little over an hour from there as well. The Virginia museum, in Richmond, just reopened and it's gotten some fabulous critiques. Between Petersburg and Richmond there are many old private homes/estates open to tour. Trust me - there will be plenty to keep you and husband occupied. November is not too cold in central va so some outside activities could be possible as well. There's a great civil war battlefield park in Petersburg.

    Difficult Child is only two hours north so there's another option for a day trip or so...

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    I spent time in Yorktown, VA as a kid. There is a LOT to do in the area, esp if there is even a passing interest in history. The battlefields and memorials all over the area are pretty cool. Williamsburg is amazing. Even if you have to drive a couple of hours, missing it would be a real shame. It is SOOOO worth the trip! They have a LOT of things to do, esp at Christmas time, which will be revving up in Nov. Virginia also has Busch Gardens and many other attractions. If you are interested in any hobbies it would be worthwhile to search for events in VA related to them.
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    Fort Jackson is in the state capitol--right in the middle of the state. There is a great national forest there and some hiking trails. There is a nice zoo. In September it will still be very, very hot. Columbia is like a dust bowl, down in a valley, and it is a hot, hot place during the summer. I'll ask easy child 1 for some ideas about things to do---he lives there. 3 hours in one direction is the smokey mountains. 2 hours in the other is the Atlantic ocean.
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    Well there is always seeing all her board aunties on the east coast! Between Fort Lee and Fort Jackson you have EW, Star, me, Fran, Tiapet, LDM, CrazyinVA and Im sure a few more Im

    Realistically...Fort must see Star. She can show you around that area. The zoo there is really nice. Im not sure how long you will be there but if you can swing a trip east to the coast, it will be worth at least an overnight stay at Myrtle.

    Up in plan on doing the Williamsburg experience at that time of year. It is something to behold. Really. They really do up that old town right. You will come away thinking you have been back in the midst of the Revolutionary War.

    Oh...and I assume you are driving from SC to VA. If so, when you get to Dillon SC, call me because I live right off exit 17 in NC and we can meet for coffee! LOL.
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    I second everything Sharon said.
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    Yes, there are things to do in Williamsburg, Yorktown and Richmond ... but Ft. Lee itself, and the surrounding area, leave much to be desired. She will need a car.
    Best of luck!
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    I live about 10 miles from Ft. Jackson - ask away. I'm also moving - if that tells you (ahem)