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    and I got that pit in the stomach feeling thinking oh no, what now? Two nights ago he threw a remote control car at easy child so I was expecting a not so good call.

    I couldn't have been more wrong. It was the school psychologist calling. First she said difficult child hadn't brought back his permission slip for a field trip (of course, difficult child had forgotten to give it to us).

    Then she wanted to tell me about an incident that happened today (I felt the pit growing) and she said a boy (sounds like a difficult child) had been hit in the back of the head hard with a basketball and started to cry. difficult child is a very empathetic boy (when he isn't causing the pain) and said to him, "Are you crying?"

    The boy who has a hard time processing said to difficult child, "You're calling me a crybaby!" and punched difficult child.

    The good part in all of this is difficult child did not fight back and did not get upset. He talked to the school psychologist about it because she checked in to see if he was o.k. and he explained how he hadn't called him a cry baby and was just worried about him.

    She went on to say how happy everyone is that he is doing so well at school right now!

    It's so nice to get a good call from school!:D
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    Wow! He did handle that very well- even better than some adults would have! KUDDOS to difficult child- and congratulations to you for getting to hear a good word!
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    Way To GO difficult child!
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