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Just wanted you to know that I placed a story in the "conduct disorders section" that may be more appropriate here? Up to you, please check it out.
Thanks, Susie

Susie/30/FE/Louisiana, divorced for last 9 years; now engaged to Arlan who has full custody of his children (two boys: C-12 yrs and A.J.-18yrs old) REASON I'M HERE: Bobby (my difficult child)Adhd,Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD),Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),odd?depressed,etc...Need all the help and support I can get!!!

Margaret--hope this is what you are looking for(i am new to this bb)----tried to get grandson help thru schools for 2 years but no one would help or listen,everyone wanted me to take parenting classes
to solve problems with grandson behavior--2 years of research on my own and i figured out that what everyone wanted to label as conduct disorder really was a learning disability that no one will recognize because it is rare(non verbal learning disorder).In looking back at grandson's history of problems that began at 22 mo.,it all makes sense now.Unfortunately,i do not know if all the negative experiences he has had can be overcome--teachers hitting him,calling him names,etc. i am convinced that his depression and suicidal behavior came about because of Learning Disability (LD) not being diagnosed early--wonder if same can be true of other children labeled as conduct disorder?when i first read info on NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) i cried--it was as if the author knew him--school is 7 to 8 hours of most kids lives and is such a key to their behavior.

Ari was diagnosed with ADHD at age 3 1/2. Her behavior was already extremely difficult. When she started school, we told the principal that she was diagnosis with ADHD. He told us nothing about special accomodations needs, etc. Everyone kept telling us she was functioning fine. I kept thinking I was crazy. Why was her behavior so bad at home and she was functioning perfect at school. She got so bad I called the County where we lived for help. After a year, the social worker suggested I call a psychologist she knew that dealt with kids with developmental conditions. That psy. suggested an evaluation at a child behavioral clinic. The clinic sent a letter to the school requesting information on Ari's school performance. At her evaluation the clinic reported that the school said that Ari needed constant adult supervision, did not finish any assignments, wandered the room, and did not make friendships. You can only imagine the anger I felt. I discovered because of the school not admitting the problem Ari missed a whole year of her education. She is now behind. I cannot tell you the ending yet because her IEP meeting is this week. I'll let you know what happens.