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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Nov 13, 2009.

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    In many ways I like 5th grade the best ever. The homework is signifcantly less this year. I realize it might be harder to adjust back up to the increase in the higher grades, but I'm enjoying the break. At PT conference I mentioned the decrease and the teacher said they're focusing on quality instead of quantity of work. Whatever, works for me and manster too! This is the first year they haven't given us homework on weekends! Also, manster's friend G asked him yesterday to "date her". He said I didn't want her to be sad so I had to say yes lol. I'm not worried. The girl he "dated" for 6 weeks last year is now one of his best friends. This girl is gorgeous by the way. It's funny, some of the girls just are annoyed by him but several just think he's a goofball and laugh at all his antics. It doesn't hurt him that he is so dang cute!

    The tough part is looming budget cuts. There's a big board meeting and the PTA is going. I don't usually attend meetings but this one I will. On the board for cuts include: closing one of the major middle schools, pushing our next year 6th graders into MS a year early (my worst fear is MS and the thought of moving it a year up is bringing me personal anxiety). Manster said "don't worry mom, if there is bullying I'll just stick with my friends, so keep that in mind." It's also likely they will do away with open enrollment which means manster will have to go to our neighborhood school which is 3 miles farther than the MS across the street which many of his friends will go to. That will be hard for him to know no one all of a sudden. These enconomic times are frightening indeed. I guess the thing to do is hold on to the present moment and let go of what you can't control about tomorrow. ODAAT plan again.

    Thanks for reading. Hugs,

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    That sounds positive!

    I understand your concern about middle school. Hopefully, having a heads up will help with preparation. Good luck to manster.
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    To Mr. Hot Pants! sounds like you are maturing and doing a great job!!!
    Don't look towards the possible negative things that happen, we are open enrollment every year and it causes so much stress.
    Just enjoy the good things right now, it sounds like there are a lot!
    Great job the both of you.
    We just got 2 bonds to pass, barely, that will keep our class sizes at around 16 kids and increase our taxes just enough to continue with our great help we receive.
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    Thanks Maril and Totoro. He brokeup with her yesterday. He said she glued onto him. Insisted they have lunch together, every recess, etc. He said it was too much. I guess she cried when he told her. I felt so bad. He still wants to be friends but she's mad at him. Oh well, they're way too young for this stuff anyhow.

    I appreciate the feedback. Hugs, ML