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    so for those of you that remember me and know I dropped off the boards for almost 2 years, I just wanted to know that I did go back to school and I am working towards my Masters in Psycho-Social Rehabilitation. "Why" you ask....I truly still don't have an answer for that one LOL:highvoltage:
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    That is so so cool. I might be going back to school for crime scene investigation if I can get the OSAP (school funding) going. I want a change of career. Hey can I pick your brain for psychological information for research for a psychiatric thriller book I'm writing? Specifically looking for body language, micro-expressions and the psychology of the sociopathic mind. General psychiatric as well.

    I already finished a sci-fi novel with a co-author friend of mine, working on a vampire set (5 books) as we speak and that psychiatric thriller outline. I think you are awesome to go back to school like that!!! Way to go warrior mama!
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    vampire novels.........hee hee I am a Twilight/Vamp fic addict LOLz...always feel free to pick my brain (what's left of it!)
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    I'll send you the rough copy of the vamp novel I'm working on if you like, when I'm done the last few chapters of the novel. It has erotica in it so if you are sensitive to it you might want to skip those parts. lol
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    Good for you!!!:)
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    Mamaof5, pick up any of the non-fiction written by John Douglas, you'll glean a lot of good info there. Criminal Justice Technology was my major in college. Never finished, but I did study serial killers for a long time, starting in my early teens. Having worked some in such things before I had kiddo, I know I can't go back to that major and finish it because I know what I bring home in my head (and ohmygaw maggots have their own smell and it's sickening, doesn't matter what they're eating). I can try digging back some to make you a more extensive reading list if you like, it might take a while to figure out since my book collection got destroyed in '05.

    Maybe I should get back to writing my sci-fi urban fantasy vamp story, too!

    Edit: Adding in Jeffery Deaver to your reading list. He has a series that focuses on kinesiology (the Kathryn Dance novels) and for trace the Lincoln Rhyme series is great. He does a LOT of research. Also check out Patricia Cornwell's books, she also worked in the ME's office before she started writing fiction novels about it and also does extensive research.