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    I am furious. The child who tried to attack Tigger on Monday (had to be restrained by staff) got a lunch detention but ZERO suspension. I'm fine with that but today Tigger told a staff person that if they didn't leave him alone that he would hit him -- Tig made no move toward the staff. As staff continued to escalate the situation, Tigger tore some art off the wall and through his science notebook in the trash. He gets a lunch detention today and an ISS tomorrow.

    Five students and FOUR staff and the room is constant chaos. I think it says a lot that Tigger does very well outside the ED class (he goes to the Learning Disability (LD) class half the day without any staff from the ED room).

    Should he have told the teacher he was going to hit him? Of course not. Could the staff buy a clue and give the child time to process their request and comply?? Heck, I've tried to give them a clue -- for FREE.

    Suspervisor is being a b$^#@ and refuses to budge on the ISS. I told her I'd let her know if I was going to send him or keep him home. I asked her what she would do if a child hit a teacher if she was using the 'big gun' of ISS for verbal threats. She said that they'd call the cops. Nice. I told her that I would seriously question the competence of any teacher that lost such control over the situation that they needed to call the cops on an autistic 12 year old.

    I'm waiting to hear Tigger's version of the story since staff is claiming that he is 'fine and accepting' of the punishment. And if Tigger feels he deserved it, he'll tell me and I'll send him. If he feels that the teacher prevented him from using his coping skills, he'll tell me that too and then he'll stay home with me.
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    And speaking of staff competence....the teacher was out yesterday and the aide showed the kids part of an R-rated movie. The teacher tried to defend it as "an appropriate selection".
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    ummm... really?
    Lawyer time? (not really, but tempting?)


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    check your school district policies. Many schools have policies that prohibit R movies or at require parental consent in advance. You can usually find district policies on your district's website.

    I've just about had it with school suspension policies. Really they are mostly for the convenience of staff. Do they really help kids? They are way too over used.
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    I have a message into our district's asst superintendent. While Tigger is in a 'co-op' program, it is housed in one of our district's buildings and they will get involved.

    The staff better stay far away from my car when I pick Tigger up today...far, far away.
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    by "they" did Tigger mean if the kid that attacked him didn't leave him alone he would hit or if the staff didn't leave him alone? These folks need to look at his specific words as communicating a bigger issue. I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

    So sorry for this, they must have come from the same lame university our school admin comes from.

    If they call the cops, they better show how they followed his behavior plan point by point before the situation escalated. Does he have a bip?

    Yea, I'd keep him home. so dumb.

    You can actually hit someone, but you can't just express frustration in a fake threat??? arrrgggg.....

    wanna borrow our lawyer?
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    It is so disheartening for me to hear these stories about Special Education classes that have multiple staff in there, almost one one one even and hear that they are unable to control (to even SOME degree) the class. Aren't these people trained? Like trained x 100%?

    And as for the teacher/staff/sub who let them watch part of a rated R film? Someone would be getting an ass chewing fer sure! I'd almost be inclined to notify other parents. Some of these kids can NOT handle those kinds of movies--they are either violent or sexual in nature, ummm, hello? NOT OK.
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    Ok...someone showed other peoples kids a R rated film...a person in a school at that? Nice. I tried to get into a R rated film when I was 16 and was turned away. I think it was one of the John Travolta ones. I even wore a wedding ring...lol. I was way more street savvy that your ED tigger.

    I would be ticked. Now if a parent wants to allow their own kids to watch a program, thats up to the parents but not another person.

    This teacher also sounds like she provoked tigger badly. He was trying to use his tools. I cant stand being provoked like that. Argh.
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    When Kanga was in kindergarten, her teacher showed them 'Lilo and Stitch". It was my first battle with the district. (1) PG movies are not appropriate for 5 year olds (2) Kindergarten is only 2.5 hours long, why waste most of that time with a movie (3) Kanga was a foster child at the time, L&S has a LOT of triggering scenes for a foster kid.

    District office freaked out and added a movie policy. Teachers must submit a form for permission to show ANY movie during class. G-rated movies can be approved by the principal. PG-movies must have parental consent unless the teacher is showing only certain scenes approved by the principal. R-rated movies aren't even on the list.
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    Besides the fact of showing an r-rated movie (or even parts of) to a group of 12 and 13 year old ED boys.....let's look at the big picturre....

    ALL of these boys know that it is wrong for them to see an R-rated film.
    ALL of these boys have difficulty with following the rules.
    Let's have a teacher break the rules, the same teacher that is suppose to be teaching them to follow the rules at all times.
  11. buddy

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    oh gosh my heart dropped when I saw this second part... I never even allowed Q to watch Disney movies in school...the fighting, the words they said to eachother, he just copied everything.... I hate when they do stuff like that. Sorry
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    Kind of off topic, but two years ago difficult child was in girl scouts and they were working on a sewing project. I think she was probably 11. The GS troop leader told the girls she would bring a Twilight movie for them to watch while they sewed. It was PG-13 - and the other kicker - was they met at a church. I was going to protest... but something came up and difficult child didn't go that week. Gee, don't any adults really think about this stuff?? KSM
  13. cubsgirl

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    Oh, I would be furious too. What the h are they thinking?
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    I've seen teachers fired for showing R-rated movies to high school seniors without parental consent (ONE parent complained, and that was all it took). This was less than ten years after we were shown Glory in history class, and I don't recall a single complaint from that. I'm not sure I recall a permission form, either, but that was a long time ago.
  15. JJJ

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    The supervisor called back and we had a much calmer talk. I also spoke with Tigger. He could care less if he spends the day in the crisis room. "I won't have to deal with the other boys and I get to do all my work with my own private teacher (they bring in an outside teacher so it isn't the one he had a conflict with). So I backed off and told the supervisor that if she felt that strongly about it, I'd support it. This is the super that sent me each draft of the new behavior program for the room and took 90% of my suggestions. She is a good super, I was just so mad at the way the teacher presented it to me.

    Supervisor is livid about the R-rated movie. I expect new policies will be enacted very, very soon.
  16. Bunny

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    If nothing else good comes out of this episode, this would be it! I'm glad to hear the Tigger is taking his ISS so well and is seeing the bright side of things. I hope he has a good day today.
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    Our district has a nifty little policy regarding movies.

    Nothing above "G" is shown until after 3rd grade.
    "PG" requires parental permission through 8th grade.
    Anything above requires parental permission, period.

    We get permission slips all over the place... Had one for A Christmas Carol because it had ghosts.