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    I was just wondering if any of you has had to school your children at home? We are in a crazy situation. difficult child 1 (9 YRS) cant go to school due to anxiety. When things go so bad at home I went to school to see how things were there. The teacher tells me " to be honest, he is doing terrible! He is crying for about 7 hours a day. We had to take his chair away because he cant sit still, he is refusing to do work and breaking pencils." She tells me this 1 week after an IEP meeting where she said he was doing great! I asked why she hadnt sent home letters or called me, she said there are so many kids in the class this year that there just isnt enough time.
    We tried shorter days, same or worse reaction. We tried home bound but there are no teachers in home bound trained to deal with Special Education. and sons other problems so they asked if I could do it. Then they sent so much work home that we could not finish it in time allowed. After contacting our disabilities case worker and having her try to help and our counselor we ended up pulling son from school and homeschooling him.
    Our goal is to get him back into school!!!!!!! But until the docs get his medications regulated so he can deal with the school he is home everyday all day. I cant let him outside alone because he runs off and inside he is driving me nuts. He torments the smaller kids, he has never played with toys and doesnt know how to or wont entertain himself. Today I have had to fish a frog out of the fish tank ( it belongs in it habitat but he wanted to see if it would swim), Then he ran water in the tub so all three of them could swim with the frog. Now he is on the kick that he is a dog and is crawling around barking and growling at the other kids. He even tried to eat his breakfast on the floor like a dog (didnt fly!) and yes the frog incidents happened before 9 am.. I cant wait to see what the rest of the day brings:anxious:!
    Anyway I was just wondering if anyone knows much about homeschooling a child with special needs. I have found Time4Learning on the net and am using it bu could really use some more ideas and ways to keep him busy or teach him how to entertain himself. Please:confused:?
    And thanks for all the replys to my running away problem. We are going to try the walkie talkies. If that don't work my husband is looking for a good deal on lots of duct tape!
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    Sounds challenging to put it mildly!

    How old is your son?

    I homeschooled my son for a year and it was a great learning experience for both of us. There are many resources available depending on your son's age an ability to work independently. My son required one-to-one support in order to stay on task and make progress. I could not have done it while caring for other kids at home. I know others homeschool with young kids at home so I'm sure with some planning, it can be done.

    It doesn't sound like going to school has been a good experience so far but it is the school system's responsibility to find a program that works. If homebound instruction is what the doctor feels is needed right now, then the school has to provide someone. If your son is in special education, then they must find someone with Special Education experience to work with your son.

    The school system asking you to homeschool him is not appropriate. If you decide to do this be sure it is because you want to do this and not because there isn't another option.

    Good luck!
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    If I were you, I would post this over the Special Education forum due to the fact that the district offered you homebound, but could not provide qualified/specialized teachers. Not sure that flies. Please check with over on that forum as to what options you may have at this point.

    As far as homeschooling, many of our members are, or have done it. I would do it too if it weren't for the fact that I believe my difficult child will benefit from the social and "real world" aspects of school. Sometimes I think it would be easier..........

    Good luck,
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    I am so sorry the school is being so difficult. The school district (SD) has the responsibility by LAW to provide your son with a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). The budget restrictions are NOT something they are legally allowed to bother you with, even MENTIONING that they cannot afford something is a violation.

    I am simply APPALLED that the school asked you to homeschool your son because they could not provide services. That is just unacceptable. If you post this over on the Special Education forum they will be able to help you write and send letters to address this correctly.

    I will say that some small school districts simply do not have access to things, or don't think they do. They still have the responsibility to provide services, but may have a tough time doing this. It does NOT let them off the hook, esp if they are trying to slide out from the responsibility. If nothing else, contact your state Dept of Ed or your Representative to get some help.

    I know this is a tough battle. I am sending hugs and some extra armor for your Warrior Mom suit!

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    ps. Could you please go to the User CP and make a signature with some basic info about your family and difficult child's problems? it helps us keep each child and family straight in our heads.