Science experiment with Ipads--eek!

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    My husband judged science fair projects this weekend. He said that an 8th grader had a fascinating experiment with pretty good science, using Ipad radiation. Her hypothesis was that the radiation emitted would follow the inverse square law, like a microwave does. (For those who don't know what that is, if you stand right in front of a microwave, you might get x amt of radiation. If you stant a ft away, you'd think it would drop a little bit, and two ft away, a little more. But in fact, it's the amt, squared. So by standing two ft away, there is a huge drop in radiation, and 10 ft away, probably zero. It's not like a fire in the fireplace, where you can feel it a little bit across the room.)

    Turns out that the radiation increased, the farther away she placed the detector. !!!:faint:

    She is only in 8th gr, but that is a great experiment. She can move up to the next level, using different geiger counters (in case one is flawed or the settings are wrong) and different ipads, again, in case the ipads themselves have kinks.

    I'd like to see an adult scientist do this.

    I love science fair projects. :)

    I had to laugh at the sentence about radiation weakening the brain barrier and lowering men's sperm counts. Because men think with their ... ? :)