Scientists shocked to find antibiotics alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia

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    Scientists shocked to find antibiotics alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia - The Independent

    Chance discovery of link between acne drug and psychosis may unlock secrets of mental illness.

    The National Institute for Health Research is funding a £1.9m trial of minocycline, which will begin recruiting patients in the UK next month. The research follows case reports from Japan in which the drug was prescribed to patients with schizophrenia who had infections and led to dramatic improvements in their psychotic symptoms.

    The chance observation caused researchers to test the drug in patients with schizophrenia around the world. Trials in Israel, Pakistan and Brazil have shown significant improvement in patients treated with the drug.
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    Hmmm this sounds right in line with that "your cat is making you crazy" article I had posted a while ago. Wonder if these researchers know about those theories? So maybe there is something that causes and/or exacerbates mental illness symptoms.

    Quite honestly this is how they discovered that most ulcers are cause by the hpylori bacteria - accidental cure. LOVE IT!
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    Wow! This could really change lives!!!
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    I also read recently that there is a link between smoking pot and schizophrenia. I hope they can unlock the secret to this horribly debilating disease.