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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by L3dean, Oct 7, 2008.

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    my checkmate situation is described in "on the verge of giving up",

    but I had a meeting today (with my attorney, the CW's new supervisor, the GAL and myself...) to discuss the objections to certain "obsolete" case requirements for me to accomplish...

    I printed off all the schedules, goal charts, self-help worksheets, parenting classes/techniques and my complete library (books, tapes, cd's, etc.) listing that I had collected and tried over the years with difficult child 3.

    Lo and behold... everyone agreed with me that I was not the problem (except rookie CW) and I was able to officially cross those extra "chores" off my to do list.

    Yeah doggie, and to think I was feeling so depressed this morning about "how do i get into these messes??"

    Hmmm.. i guess there is nothing like rightious indignation to set the mind right again!!
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    I'm glad you can get out of jumping through the agency's hoops and spend your time doing things you believe will help your kids.
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    And, I don't think I could have made as good an impression if I had not printed out my paper trail for them. I know it is a lot of paper and ink used up - again - but I think that THAT was the factor that tipped them over to my side.

    I believe it is all about the way you handle yourself in front of all the "authority figures". Let them know what you have done, how you normally handle difficult child's fits, and above all show them the paper trail- and then stick to your guns about what you will and won't put your time and energy into.

    Thanks- again!

    Woo-hoo!! I feel great!