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    Today, to honor those individuals who are depressed, sucidal, or have committed suicide,or in other ways hurt themselves, you are urged to draw a semi colon on the inside of your wrist. The wrist is the most is the most common part of the body that persons cut or slit. The reason a semi colon is being used is that in English it indicates that the writter could have ended it but choose not to.

    I am in the pocess of designing a tshirt with a semicolon on the front and the logo.............I CHOOSE TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY and in small print The # for suicide hotline Large enough to see it.

    This is a national
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    Congrats, Pasajes4. Great idea! I hope your design goes viral.
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    the drawing it on the wrist has gone vital. I don't know who started that. I like things on tshirts. they get noyiced