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as many of you have read on my previous posts, my 12 yo difficult child is in juvy right now. he was relocated to another juvy for a couple of days and he told me at visitation that all the boys were transported together, in the back of a van, with no adult. handcuffs- that's it. the other boys were older- a couple 17 or older. one of the oldest knocked my son to the floor, face down and got on his back and made sexual movements to my son's back. i reported this over the phone to the office who transported them (the staff at juvy said they couldn't do anything about it) my difficult child said another older boy was yelling trying to get the one to stop and leave difficult child alone- he's a witness. man i reported it to didn't seem too concerned but turned it into internal affairs, as he's required. an investigator from internal affairs called and got the statement from me again. i told the gal (who thought he'd be better off in juvy than at home) and she said well, that wasn't appropriate. is there anything else i can do for my difficult child?
What the H*** is a 17+ year old doing in juvy?? That's not a kid, that is a MAN!!

I have no experience with this. But if it were my kid, I would report it to one person. Then to their superior. Then to THEIR superior. I would be the biggest pain in the a** until someone gave me a satisfactory response.

You poor thing, I have been keeping up with your posts. I know you feel beaten down. Sending you strength and prayers. Many hugs to you and your difficult child. I SO wish I had more advice for you.


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I am with BigBadKitty..........I have been reading your posts as well, and just don't know what to tell you. I am horrified, but not surprised unfortunately. There was and is a BIG scandal within Texas about all of the sexual abuse that goes on in these juvenile detention centers.......and everyone seems to just throw up their hands.

What have you decided to do with a lawyer - did you get a new one? When is his court date? This incident in the van seems like something a lawyer could address. Again, you are in my thoughts, as is your son. Stay strong!


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People with no experience with "the system" don't understand how
many areas are dangerous and detrimental for our difficult children. I am sorry. I hope the authority figures keep their mouth shut and
don't share that the information came from you. There are alot
of ignorant adults mixed in with some caring ones who are charged
with the care of our children. Hugs. DDD


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This must be so hard on you. I have been reading all of your posts and have been thinking about you alot. I'm so frustrated for you, your situation just isn't fair. My daughter was in juvy on 2 occasions. She spent about 7 months in juvy in total. We were lucky, she didn't really have any problems. In my state, we are assigned a social worker through the state, when there are any problems, such as what your difficult child had gone through, I would call her and she investigates any situation that warrent's an investigation. I never even bother to call my daughter's lawyer as she doesn't do much for us anyway. I worked very closely with the staff social worker as well as the director. Have you spoken the head honcho of the facility?

I think you need a lawyer of your own. There are lawyers out there who are willing to work pro-bono, call every one that is listed and appeal to them, you might get lucky!!

Sending out positive thoughts, my prayer's are with you. :smile:

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Seventeen year olds are normally assigned to the juvenile justice system and therefore the juvenile facilities. The juvenile justice system is for minors and a 17 year old is a minor.

As for the GAL saying "well, that wasn't appropriate", what the heck does she thinks happens at facilities like that? Males use sexual activity as a means of dominance and power; they are more likely to use it in places where they have little power -- like jails. The reason no one seemed particularly upset by it is because it's a common behavior. To be honest, I thought you were going to say something worse happened.

I suspect they don't assign an officer to the inside of the transport because that would put him at risk from the inmates joining together to attack him. But I could be wrong.